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Dignified. The Supreme Court has no pussy footing on this accusation. Victor Bennett of Camden, NJ, is allegedly hiding in the darkness between two cars parked last Wednesday while waiting for an unmarked police car with an Agent Lead. As Reed stood up, Bennett loaded the clip into Agent Reed's car and body, and encountered the darkness of a dense Parkside neighborhood that local criminals lovingly called the "dark side."
The suspect gunman, Victor Bennett, was arrested a few days later and hid in a garden owned by a vicious owner in a nearby town. He was still packing a machine gun because the police had a gun. On Tuesday, casualties, civilians and Wednesday officials fled from serious but viable bullet injuries.
You didn't accuse Bennett of shooting on Tuesday, and I think he remembers borrowing 0.45 automation from his grandmother that day. He knows he will never testify against civilian casualties because he is afraid of being attacked again. Why do victims need to worry about hitting losers like Bennett on the streets again? The reasons are as follows. The boy is in prison. He avoids. During his short three years as an adult, he experienced two illegal convictions of armed violence, an unresolved sexual assault against a child, and an unresolved lawsuit against two shootings in Camden six days before being raped. did. He seems to have committed all these violent crimes in just three years. Because it is a secret. Disclosing the history of juvenile crime can affect your chances of starting a new adult career.
The thing is that the night he opened the police, he was legally on the street. In this violence campaign, including various attempted assassinations, there wasn't enough to call for his actual arrest. He had the right to file allegations, charges, crimes, file requests, receive bail, and report deadlines related to each person. It is his daily work. His night job is a police attack.
Criminal law is reviewed by intellectuals and legislative bodies. I am not these experts. I am just a citizen who has an opinion. New Jersey has recently updated its warranty system. Reforms could reduce the population of heavily crowded district prisons. New Jersey's bail system appears to value all factors except the cumulative fear of the suspect's actual street life. As long as he appears in his performance, he can do whatever he wants for a week, even before they are considered or considered. Crime is à la carte in New Jersey. Bennett is considered innocent to police and innocent to others. "The storage location must remain the same," the judge bars after the second prosecution meeting. Until Mr Bennett sits on the desk of the first lawyer in court on Monday morning, and the judge is not interested in what can be done on the parkside street on Tuesday night.
As long as Ala Cate's case is proceeding smoothly, neither this judge nor the other judge will handle six outstanding offenses in different jurisdictions or within the same jurisdiction. The parties are negotiating a specific document number and some claims. The attorney jumps into the box like a giant and easily references the client's other very new and very serious crimes.
I don't know what was guaranteed when this man raped his child. Maybe it was $ 100,000 and Bennett dropped $ 1,000 and received a $ 100,000 deposit by signing a $ 9,000 balance with no interest. Maybe it was $ 100,000, Bennett dropped $ 1,000, received a $ 100,000 deposit, and signed a $ 9,000 balance with interest-free notes. The bail bond agency promises to later release him from prison and pay a security deposit, as Victor Bennett will appear in court and some families will likely sign a new purchase agreement with Victor Did. Maybe his mother did a big thing. But they chose him. Victor was legally moving, essentially based on some signature. Vailbond appreciates her business and wants to do it again and again. Thank you for the police surviving.
Balloons decorate the idea
Most surprisingly, the new judge once again offered to guarantee freedom with this brand new attempted assassination of police! However, the deposit is $ 2 million. Ooooohhh! Let's see it arrive at two factories. I think the possibilities may not be so high. It does not come to the news when it is released.
People believe that the guarantee committee will bring many gold bars and deposit them with the sheriff. The structure of the industry is as follows. They provide sheriff with pink carbon paper. Newspapers that can read small handwritten names in various places strictly promise Lubbock insurance company Lloyds will be responsible to the county for the entire deposit if defendant skips its payment and is unable to do so. To do. anywhere. Discovered on earth. There is no money to change hands. We do not know if the insurance company paid any of these mistakes. I think it happens very often, if not completely. Insurer Lubbock Lloyds does not actually assume any obligations. The local judge took all risks. Lloyd only charges a fixed fee for using your name on the pink card.
I talked to these criminals they fully understood and focused only on today. For these ordinary offenders, the penalty begins on the day of the charge and ends on the day of bail. You are gone. That is over. All they need to do now is track the dates of different courts and be able to come back to life before the interruption is interrupted. The deposit problem is here. Money is not outrageous. Anyone can leave the warehouse in this city. The problem is only when the price of freedom is low, medium and high. Whatever it is, this price can be paid by anyone with a family relationship. I am not referring to political contacts, but to a group of parent relatives signing letters on free deposits. You just have to have a name and be able to blow a mirror. That's all you need to make a huge deposit.
What about the other "periods" of the deposit? The conditions usually imposed by the court are not comparable to any conditions. There is no communication with the victim. Yes, honor, truth, honor. No contacts, we just wrote it. What happens if the court takes public safety seriously and imposes other real positive conditions? It is free to use before testing, as long as the following conditions are met:
a) There are currently no other pending charges.
b) There will be no new charges during the period when this charge is exempted before trial.
A Guide to Guarantee Funds for Commercial Projects
c) We have never been accused of carrying weapons illegally. I said, not blamed.

11 ways to stay in the garden with back pain
d) Accept proper inspection of the apartment.
e) Registration of work or volunteers at locations returned daily except Saturday and Sunday. On the lost day, you leave.
f) Have a valid phone number every day when making a deposit. Outside the system means prison.
g) You can present it to the police who have an ID and have a reason to request an ID. If you forget to show your card, the deposit will be cancelled.
Any of these conditions (especially a & b) imposed on one of Victor Bennett's many crimes may have prevented the agent lead and another unknown boy from firing. Each of them would have had Bennet in jail. Apparently, neither our legislator nor the judiciary thought that these rational conditions were reasonable and wise. This dog was eligible for an unlimited number of bites as well as bites. Attempts to kill police with guns did not guarantee arrest. can not believe.
All of these proposals become part of a voluntary bilateral agreement between the defendant and the court. No one needs to accept these terms. Thanks to the arbitral tribunal are welcome, but do not commend what OJ Simpson did. He settled in prison and called for his speedy trial. Bang-Bang-Bang Johnnie Cochran rhymed and OJ tried on the gloves, but stayed home without bail and new charges before the old one was tried.
It was OJ. I prefer a fair security system. If I am arrested, I sincerely hope that XYZ Bail Bond Company will release me from the county with my homeless friend's signature and do my best to stop the wheels. If this happens to me and XYZ reaches me, I hope I can sleep in bed. At least I respect the law until the end of my case.
This man, Bennett, used the system to send illegal guns to the city at night and shoot policemen. I have to say that it was not unexpected that he could do just that. What he had was already known. I want to blame him for his freedom to terrorize a particular judge's city, but it goes farther. Apparently all the judges released him and continued his journey. Judges look like horses on the track. You can only see what is before the file. At 1 am Kenwood Avenue and the corner of Park Boulevard are not visible, and the three-year story of a continuous gang that shot a policeman is not visible. See only the police report section codes and the sufficient assurance program applicable to each crime. They do not know or care that the bail system is a corrupt joke, and are not worried about past, future, and future crimes. They only care that their small courts and valuable calendars are managed efficiently and correctly. They really have nothing to do with crime and public security. Standing in front of them, the "innocent" youth, as he is known in the various courts he has to deal with, will help him continue his hectic life of violent crime. You can be confident that you will be released temporarily. Move to the snail rhythm. Welcome to New Jersey.