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Registering in paid-to-click websites or PTC websites is one of the easiest ways to earn money. It is truly cool that you can get paid for what you truly do on the internet. The phrase 'get paid to surf the internet' looks really great, but is it really fantastic?

Sadly, the answer is 'No'. Simply because, it is a lot tough to find out a great site amongst hundreds of scam websites out there and even if you find one, unless you have a couple of hundred referrals, you cannot earn some money that you can call as 'earning'.

So, how to find out if a PTC site is a scam or a great one?

There are five important concerns which you have to ask to find out the truth.

1.Is it too good to be accurate?

Remain away!

No one can run a business with out a reasonable profit and the offers that claim to give a lot to you actually take a lot from you and disappear.

2. How much variety is there in the type of ads shown and what is the number of websites that promote in the paid-to-click site that you have signed up for?

If a PTC site is struggling hard to get advertisers and show only self serving ads, then it is doubtful that the site can pay you in the time it has promised.

3. How is the feedback of public?

Most of the members post the problems about PTC websites in forums and therefore you can effortlessly find out where the site stands. Do a Google search with the phrase '[sitename] + scam'.. If it is truly scam, then the first page of the search results is sufficient to show it out.

If the site itself has a forum, it is a bit trustworthy. Go there and verify the posts.

4. Do the FAQ and 'Terms of service' clear enough?

This is essential for two factors. Most of the PTC websites use the exact same script for their websites. If the site is scam, then site owner may not really care to edit the FAQ section and leave it with the default content. The default content material might show a incorrect minimum payout value or something else.

Second purpose is, most of the websites hide their minus points inside the 'Terms of service'. For instance, it might say that when $100 is paid out, a $25 commission will be deducted.

5. How good and stable is the site?

A great PTC site will have its own paid domain and will not be hosted in a subdomain or a free domain like co.nr, .tk and so on. The site should be usually up, should do a truly good spam verify, should be simple to navigate and make people comfortable to browse. If it does this all, then it means that the site owner has made a great investment on the site and should have sufficient money to pay its members.

Lastly, remember that PTC sites can't make you rich. They can only give you some pocket money for some on-line purchases. But if you are really sincere and smart, you can make something greater.

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