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If you are rather new to the field then you must find it fascinating why individuals want to buy Swiss watches when there other kinds of watch that's just as good. For that I will give you 5 factors why they favor this brand of high-end watches above any other.

High quality

A common watch purchaser would choose a watch based on the name over its classification, but for a couple of, a carefully made automatic watch manufactured from the finest supplies and through impeccable craftsmanship is worth each buck. Swiss made watches embodies each technical and aesthetic high quality that only keeps enhancing driven by its loyalty for continued innovation. Their techniques are guided by stringent protocols and regulations that make sure high-finish timepieces. The fact that it takes careful manual skill to put the pieces together, followed by rigorous testing has offered clients that assurance of high quality.

William Foster said, "Quality is never an accident it is usually the outcome of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent path and skilful execution it represents the wise option of many alternatives."


Aside from the high quality, Swiss watches are also known for its elegant and classic styles. Companies have their personal distinct style with all of it only playing within the lines of sophisticated taste and brilliant designs along with the occasional conversational pieces.

The mechanism of the movements also fascinates many how something can be eternally driven by even the slightest movements. The meticulously completed parts and gems that constitute the movement are currently an art in itself. For these people, they value the careful thought and precise artistry that goes into the watches' designs.


Swiss made watches, in what ever brand, holds years of reputation of excellent watch-making. If you read articles or any type of literature about watches, you would see that these timepieces go far and beyond all others because of their years of uncompromised quality.


The Swiss watches' reputation for excellent high quality created timepieces that extend beyond one's lifetime. For instance with Patek Philippe their tagline goes: You never actually personal a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation. This is a testimony to the durability of these watches, as well as the legacy of fine watch-making.

Personal Status

As we all know, as beautiful or impressive these Swiss watches can be, mostly the affluent people are in a position to afford them. A person's wealth and social status can currently be summed up with the kind of watch that you are sporting. It is also a way of telling other people how nicely you are doing in life, particularly when what you have on are the vintage and exclusive pieces. For them, it helps to earn respect and admiration.