6 of the best family experiences in Japan

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Both children and adults will love the excitement of this futuristic high-speed travel. Driving high-speed trains is not only exciting but also cheap. In Japan, private drivers can be expensive. Network coverage and reliability allow you to explore the globe at low cost.
Go to the station with your lunch box and eat on board. These food boxes are made with local ingredients and reflect local ingredients. For example, if you drive in Kobe, you can assume that the box contains beef. The boxes are always very aesthetic and some are also suitable for children.
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Kayaking on the river around Miyajima is recommended:
Enjoy an afternoon canoeing around Miyajima, a small sacred island on Hiroshima Bay in western Japan, a wonderful activity for young people. The island's most prominent feature is the red Porta Torii, which appears to float on the bay, but is accessible at low tide.
Life jackets and boards allow you to cross the quiet Seto Strait inland before arriving on the island. After the tour, you can go to the island to explore the city or, if the weather is nice, take a cable car up to 535m to Misen and forget about Hiroshima Bay.
Check out the Ghibli Museum recommended by Clion.
More than 30 minutes away from the fast-paced transportation center of Shinjuku in Tokyo is the Ghibli Museum, one of Japan's most popular museum families. Perfect for teenage soul fans. Housed in a light-painted building, it features original prints of all Miyazaki Hay's most famous and influential films (including the classic Spirited Away) and statues of the characters it reminds And
Underground is the Saturn Theater, which shows original animated short films. There is also a roof garden that provides a peaceful moment from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo life.
See Henry's recommended Takayama.
Your entire family can ride a saddle exploring the Japanese countryside of the Alps on a guided bike tour of the suburbs of Takayama. The tour starts at the station and your guide receives a short interview on health and safety.
Next, flow down a small canal and take you to a city near Hidan, known for its pure and natural waters flowing through the city. You can usually see ko swimming. Continue pedaling through rice fields and straw farms. The flying toida mountains rise in the distance.
Take part in drum lessons recommended by Laura in Tokyo.
Taiko has been a centerpiece of traditional Japanese music for centuries and is still used in large festivals in Japan. This lesson is an opportunity for the whole family to learn about the long history of the tool and is also used to motivate the army to fight and gain its potential.
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Your English teacher starts with the basics by introducing different types of drums, poses, and ringtones before practicing phone and answering.
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