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A rabbit vibrator, also known as a jack rabbit vibrator, or even a bunny vibrator, has a normal dildo shaped vibrator with an attachment that stimulates your clitoris at the same time as the vibrator penetrates your vagina. The attachment has two shaped sections that look like rabbit's ears, that is how this sort of vibrator got it's name. So, how would you put it to use to provide yourself maximum pleasure? Here are eight suggestions for enjoying your best rabbit vibe.

Speed It Up

Your vibrator includes several speed settings. A fast speed provides you with maximum excitement while you excite your clitoris and the vibrator moves quickly inside your body. Speed it to get a quick discharge of your orgasm.

Slow down

Some women prefer a slower time for you to get the maximum amount of orgasms. You can also slow down your vibrator to acquire a softer pressure on your clit undertake a long, slow, and deep orgasm. You may like to experiment with different speeds, like having your bunny vibrator focused on slow while you stimulate yourself in foreplay and speed it up if you are near your orgasm.

Only the Clit

Just one benefit of the jack rabbit vibrator is you can use it just to stimulate your clitoris. Many women love finding a good clit orgasm that vibrators provide this special stimulation to create your day.

Double Pleasure

You can begin by stimulating your clitoris only as foreplay, and use the vibrator when you are ready for penetration. The main benefit of the rabbit vibrator is that you can stimulate both your sensitive clitoris along with your vagina concurrently, so you can feel the double pleasure of the clit orgasm having a vagina orgasm.

Focus the Pleasure

Since the rabbit vibrator gets the two parts, it is possible to focus your pleasure where you want it most. You can stimulate your clit when you when that product make use of the vibrator when you need that kind of delight.

Discover Yourself

The rabbit vibrator is made to offer a woman maximum pleasure and you will put it to use to find out what you really like and where you love being stimulated. Then you can certainly utilize this information to enhance your sex life with your partner.

Partner Pleasure

You can use your vibrator to enhance your love life. Provide your partner your vibrator to stimulate you included in the love making experience. Sharing your sex toys can give a new dimension in your love life.

New Positions

Finally, you can use your rabbit vibrator to find out new positions to your love life. Many times that located on your lover instead of prone provides you with the double stimulation your rabbit vibrator offers you.

However, you use your rabbit vibrator, you'll definitely enjoy more orgasms and pleasure. Your vibrator stimulates you each where you need stimulation for top level pleasure sensations. Go Bunnys!