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Though เลเซอร์หลุมสิว couldn't survive preferable for those with active acne, they can greatly help those who would had experienced acne in adolescence leading to scars. Scars may last miss years after twenties. Though scars are not reversible there are treatments to peel out scars and make your skin scar free.

Treatment method

Doctor would have a laser pen device with mild power of radiation. However doctor could be absolve to adjust the intensity levels. For patients with deep scars he may go for prime intensity levels than others for with mild surface scars. Laser rays will be put on the affected regions. The applying could be very precise. This really is to ensure the active face skin cells avoid getting suffering from laser.

Laser effectively burns out scars within seconds of exposure. This would bring about mild wounds. However bleeding wouldn't be present in most of the cases. If the wounds heel, the dead cells of your skin would get substituted for fresh cells. These could be scar free.

Skin irritation and longer healing times would be the possible negative effects. Though typical healing durations have been in weeks, for a few normally it takes months. In such cases it is vital to maintain skin acne free. Further acne on laser treated areas can certainly worsen the condition. This is why for which laser is run to those with active acne. Also one must protect the skin from harmful UV rays in the sun.

Because of this , that laser is given to the people with active acne. Also one has to protect skin from harmful Ultra violet rays from the sun.