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In case you are thinking of หาแม่บ้าน, don't take the work lightly. Choosing the best maid is a crucial decision which should just be made after carefully considering several factors. All things considered, you can't just hire and let someone in your house and also leave them when you're away. It is critical to locate a maid that will not only get the job done but also the one that you can trust.

Probably the most straightforward approach to determine your requirements and specifications is to ask yourself several key questions.

1. What kind of work do you need the maid to complete? Create a list of all tasks your maid is going to be doing. Whenever you interview prospective maids, ensure that you enumerate each one of these tasks so you will have a common comprehension of your expectations. Your list may also help you identify whether one maid will do or you will have to hire no less than two.

2. How much are you able to afford to pay? If you do not know how much to pay your maid, ask your pals to get an notion of simply how much maids cost today, then set a low cost.

3. What do other folks say in regards to the maid? Always ask for references and actually give those references a call. When the maid continues to be involved in any suspicious activity while employed by another person, you would like to know.

4. Exactly what do you need to know in regards to the maid you hire? Always ask the maid to fill out an application form containing all pertinent private information. This is simply not only for information purposes, but in addition for your own safety and protection. This application form should require the maid's full name, social security number, state ID, and driving license number.

5. Exactly what do you feel in regards to the maid? When you initially encounter an individual, it really is natural to have instinctive feeling with that person. Sometimes it's positive, while sometimes it is not. When you have a negative feeling concerning the maid during your first interview, it's best to rely on instincts. There are many maids on the market, and exerting more hours and in locating one is more advisable than checking your house to someone you don't feel good about.

6. What home cleaning skills do they have? Question them what they can do and the way each goes about cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, glass and mirrors, hardwood flooring, tiles, and so forth. If there's what you have no idea the way to do, it is important which you let them have the right instructions. Otherwise, they could make a move wrong like damage your hardwood floors. It's also helpful to discover how much experience they've had so you will know whether or not they still need supervision.