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For some, anal sex is really a mysterious, unexplored frontier. It would appear that inside our Western culture - as well as many, a number of other areas of the world, anal sex is often considered taboo. To many, it may feel "forbidden" or "dirty" due to the nature from the act, and could be met with resistance by one partners. However, for individuals wanting to explore this final sexual frontier, they need not experience shame or guilt; nevertheless they certainly should adhere to a few tips to maximize their chances at pleasure without running into painful consequences. Read on for more about anal sex and how to conserve a healthy penis when participating in this sexual behavior.

Exactly why is anal sex taboo?

Most people have their own thoughts and preferences when it comes to intercourse. However, anal sex appears to obtain a bad rap more than other positions and activities. This can be because many individuals believe is an "exit only." Men and women alike may be concern about uncleanliness, entering experience of feces and transmitting infection and disease. Additionally, anal sex often includes a particular stigma among males. Combine that with the top likelihood of a painful experience if not performed correctly, and several people decide to have restricted - if any - exploration with anal sex.

Could it be dangerous?

The largest risk that anal sex entails is tearing from the anal tissue. This risk is enhanced when the giver is overzealous with thrusting speed and depth of penetration - also it can occur whether a penis, finger or anal sex toys is inserted anally. Additionally, there's a risk of infection being passed between partners if cleanliness is not a priority, especially if condoms usually are not used properly. Lastly, as a result of higher possibility of anal tearing, the risk of HIV transmission is higher if one partner is HIV positive.

Strategies for Safe Anal Sex:

Go slow! The anus just isn't as receptive to visitors as, say, the vagina or even the mouth, therefore it is imperative that anything that is inserted is completed slowly, in order to not tear the tissue.

Use a lot of lube: Each partner have to be adequately lubed, and extra lube ought to be applied when needed. The anus will not create lubrication like the vagina, and so the more the higher. Seriously, make use of a lot.

The receiver is at charge: A surefire approach to stop the exploration would be to hurt to whichever partner is receiving anal pleasure. The receiver dictates speed, depth and excellence of the ability to avoid sharp pains and tearing.

Whether it hurts, stop: Attempt to relax during anal sex and like the sensations. It should not hurt whatsoever. If it's painful, the thrusting is just too deep, too rapidly, or not enough lube is being used. Anxiety and nerves can also stop muscles from relaxing and injure; of course, if a partner really doesn't want to buy - it's probably not possible very easily!

Always, Always, Only use a condom: There are probably be traces of waste materials in the anus - although it isn't as dirty since many individuals would believe. A condom prevents bacteria from entering the penis and protects the receiver through the infections the giver is carrying. Because there is a chance of tearing, and thus anal bleeding, the risk of blood born infections is higher during anal sex - therefore the significance of a condom cannot be overemphasized.

Communication is essential: Because of the likelihood of pain, partners need to be in communication collectively about their actions. Thus-talking needs to happen! A lot of couples discover that anal sex increases intimacy since they need to verbalize their needs and wants for their partner!