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Do you need a fantastic transformer game online? The stronghold 1 will be your perfect choice because it is the actual pool of entertainment. This exciting game has become opened for you to explore the great likelihood of the transformer game. If you're a game enthusiast, this one will surely suit your taste. The transformers are right into action with this particular mesmerizing game, hold your breath and begin the overall game to savor limitless skies of gaming.

Get ready to defeat the deceptions, who are marching on to the Autobot stronghold. Build towers to create your defending strategy more strong which means that your arm can resist the attack confidently. This new transformer tower defense game is the new attraction of the series. Underneath the leadership of Megatron, the deceptions reached the Autobot's stronghold. Success with the game lies in how a autobot defenses are deployed to defeat the deadly and ferocious onslaught. Towers need to be designed to stop the enemies. To protect town from your attack, autobots must be put in strategic locations.

The Transformer's Autobot Stronghold may be the cool tower game that puts you in control of their defense. Various kinds of autobots make up the towers of this great game. You can drag the desired autobots for the platform and then release to place the autobots set up. You can upgrade the response and speed with the autobots 3 times and will even upgrade their damages. Should you flourish in placing the autobots within the right track to pay the enemies, you can save the sparks without spending on upgrading the range.

The game depends on how you build-up the defense to guard the base in the attack of Megatron. You can win this excellent strategy game by defeating the enemy successfully. Just bear in mind that you're Autobot's only ray of hope!