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The time is right here again for that dreaded back to school shopping. Many of you might dread it even much more this year simply because of job lay-offs and other financial woes due to the country's' financial decline. Money has consequently decreased in many households, but the price of school supplies remain the same, or has even increased. The Huntington annual survey of the cost of items on school suggested lists found that the typical price to send a child to school this fall is approximately $474 for elementary school, $545 for middle school and a an enormous $1,000 for high school. This, for some, might at first seem insurmountable but shopping for school supplies does not have to break the bank. If you need to shop for school on a budget, place a small thought and work into it and try these steps for decreasing the cost of school supplies.


1. Start early - get your school provide list early. Make certain that it is the official school recommended list so that you will know every thing that is needed. Start accessing what will be required and shopping early. For clothes, do not attempt to buy all at once. Have one nice new set of clothing for the first school week, but spread the rest out over a few months.

2. Make a list - List everything that will be needed for every child, such as school suggested supplies and clothes. Add the anticipated costs to the list. Find out what your child needs versus what they want. Get what is needed and if money permits, get what is wanted.

3. Make a spending budget - and stick to it. Do not be persuaded to add to the spending budget by crying pleas.

4. Look about the house - before going shopping look around the house for any items that might be on the list. Look for products from the prior year and from your office. All school supplies don't have to be brand new.

5. Use Coupons - gather coupon for in store as well as on-line shopping. By mid-August, many retailers provide large discounts, especially on shoes, clothes and electronics. Do not hesitate to ask for a discount. Use a valid K-12 or college ID at tech stores and you are most likely to get a large discount. You can save hundreds on back to school shopping this way.

6. Shop about and take benefit of sales - Verify your local newspaper for sales and take advantage of them. You do not have to get every thing from one store. Cost Grabber allows you to compare prices from store to store.

7. Use Tax-Free shopping - Thirteen states have "tax-totally free" shopping days. Find out if your state is one of these.

eight. Personalize products - Skip the book-bags and lunch boxes with the well-liked cartoon characters on them. Generic versions of backpacks, book-bags and lunch boxes are a lot less expensive. Make the generic products interesting by utilizing stickers to personalize them.

If you are looking for products that will last a long time, buy from a trustworthy company. That way, if a zipper breaks, the item will be replaced at no price to you.

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