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Beginner Guide


<Insert a picture of Lorencia>

You will be taken to Lorencia where you can begin your journey. You may move about and explore the town, or leave its protection and roam the surrounding lands. Either way, you will learn much about the game’s feature while taking your first steps in Lorencia.



Questing in MU Origin can be performed automatically or manually, whichever the player prefers.

The following three types of quests are available in MU Origin.

  • Main Quest – Completing Main Quests will provide the player with much needed Experience and Bound Zen. Main Quests are restricted depending on your current level. As you progress through the Main Quests, story dungeons are unlocked.
  • Daily Quest – These are ten hunting quests that reset daily. Provides Experience, Star Essence, Jewels, and potions (Jewels and potions are random). Can receive enhanced rewards at the cost of 200,000 Zen. Completing all ten Daily Quests will reward the player with a Jewel of Bless. more Experience and Star Essences.
  • Target Quest – These are five daily hunting quests that provides Experience and Bound Diamond per completion (300 diamonds in total).

Performing these quests is the key to leveling up a character quickly.


Story Dungeon


Dungeons are a great place to gather equipment. Magic and Rare equipment can be used to replace beginner equipment, but can also be disassembled for Gems. Items acquired from dungeons can also be used to upgrade and enhance equipment. You can also get the materials used for guild donations.

<insert screenshot of rewards>

Hell-difficulty Dungeons give a piece of Epic equipment, which can be saved (for combination upgrades), worn, or disassembled for Gems.

For a more in-depth guide, check out our In-Depth Guides section!

Daily Dungeon


EXP Dungeon and Zen Dungeon are undoubtedly one of the most important daily activities that should not be missed.

<Picture of EXP Dungeon>

EXP Dungeon is a dungeon where the enemies approach in waves and the player must defend himself in an enclosed area, with each wave becoming more difficult than the last. The longer the player can survive, the more EXP he can acquire.

<Picture of Zen Dungeon>

Zen Dungeon, like EXP dungeon also throws a large number of enemies at the player, though in this case they are Goblins carrying sacks of Zen. Defeat the Goblins before they reach the other side of the dungeon to pick up their loot!

Check out our Tips section for more details.

Party Dungeon

There are two party dungeons, Kalima and Corp's Onslaught, both challenging and require teamwork from a party of well-equipped Warriors.

You can receive 5 Jewel of Creation, 5k points of Acheivement, 2.5k points of Fame, 175.3k Zen and 700k EXP for Kalima and 10 Seed Jewel, 175.3k Zen, and 700k EXP for Corp's Onslaught.

Endless Tower

Endless Tower provides the player with Star Essences, Bound Zen, Condor’s Feather, and Condor’s Flame. The higher the player ascends; the more rewards are given.

Event Dungeons

Daily Event

Daily Events are activities that can be done on a timer. The following Daily Events currently available are as follows:

  • Devil Square - Endure 6 waves of enemies with 9 other participants and kill Balrog which drops Jewels, and Magic, Rare, Epic items.
  • Blood Castle - Destroy the crystal statue with 9 other participans to receive Jewel of Chaos and Jewel of Bless (if you have the highest damage with the crystal statue).
  • Angel Temple
  • Chaos Castle
  • Illusion Temple

World Boss


World Bosses are monsters that respawn at certain times.

We recommend that Warriors team up with their guild or trusted party members to take these bosses down.

Golden Forces


Like World Bosses, but these Golden Forces drop items that are vital to enhancing a character.

Boss Castle and Gold Lair


These two dungeons are VIP-Only dungeons available for players who are VIP-3 and VIP-6 respectively.


Colosseum is a place that provides a high Drop Rate and EXP Rate. However, note that players can only fight in the colosseum for 30 minutes each day, so make use of every second to take advantage of the amazing rates!

Crystal Mine

The well-coveted place where Warriors battle one another for valuable resources.


The arena is filled with Warriors who have proven themselves in battle. Some of the toughest Warriors call this place their home, and as a beginner, your goal should be to advance to PV2 before thinking about fighting these players.



As a Warrior continues to prevail against the challenges presented by the continent, he or she will be granted Achievement Points which can be used to acquire Titles that befit their prowess.

<insert screenshot of achievements>

Titles bestowed on the Warrior will grant additional benefits, with the next title granting stronger effects.


Warriors who prove themselves in the arena will receive Fame.

<insert Fame screen>

It works in a similar way to Achievements – gather Fame and spend it to improve your rank, with each rank providing greater benefits than the last.

Journal System

As you roam the lands for quest and adventure, you will begin to acquire Monster Essences, which are the essences of the monsters you have slain. Collecting these essences and adding a certain number of them into you Journal will give your character various bonuses.

<insert screenshot of the Journal System collection screen)

Each journal entry is based on a location in the game, and completing each entry will grant even greater bonuses.


Every class has a set of skills at their disposal. These skills can be improved by upgrading them, at the cost of Gem and Zen.

<Insert a screenshot of the skill list>

Skills can also improve, the more they are used, albeit at a much slower pace.

It is strongly recommended to improve each skill until the next level requirement.

Distributing Stats

Every time a Warrior levels up, he or she will receive a number of stat points that can be freely distributed to meet requirements for high level equipment.

<Insert screenshot of Stat Screen>

Try to refrain from distributing stat points without knowing the stats useful to each class. Energy to a Wizard is Strength to a Warrior, so use your points wisely. At high levels, careful planning is crucial in order to wear high level equipment.


Stat Points are not just acquired from leveling up. They can also be acquired by consuming Fruits which can be acquired using a Jewel of Creation and a Jewel of Chaos. 500,000 Zen is also required, and there is a 50% chance it will fail, but any benefits acquired from consuming Fruits are permanent.


Traversing the land for loot can only get you so far. Talismans are powerful items that can only be acquired by redeeming them from the Gem Exchange.

<Insert an image of Talismans>

Talismans’ Tiers can be further upgraded into stronger versions at exorbitant Gem prices, but unlike equipment, there is no chance for failure.


No Warrior is without his wings. Even beginning Warriors realize early on that Wings are able to grant a tremendous increase in fighting strength if the Warrior strengthens it.

<Screenshot of the Wings page>

As a symbol of strength and accomplishment, it is also considered a symbol of greatness -- it may instill awe, or fear, among those around you. Regardless, wear the wings with pride.

Refining Equipment

In order for a Warrior to keep up with the ever-encroaching forces of monsters that roam the land, refining equipment into its stronger forms is necessary. There are numerous ways to enhance an equipment:

  • Enhance – This is the normal way of equipment enhancement at the cost of Zen, Jewel of Soul, and Jewel of Bless. However, the more enhancement applied to an equipment, the greater the risk becomes.
  • Option Enhance – A well-regarded method by many Warriors, it costs Zen and Jewel of Life. the equipment can be further enhanced without risk of failing.
  • Combine – Combine three pieces of the same type to upgrade an equipment’s tier. Useful when you need high-tier Equipment pieces.
  • Seed Enhance – An inexpensive enhancement method which randomized attributes to the equipment. “Rerolling” for better enhancements is available, but the rare material “Seed Jewel” is required.
  • Transfer – Warriors may transfer an equipment’s enhancements, options, and seed.


A lone warrior cannot survive on one’s own. Warriors all over the continent know well to band together and form hunting parties or guilds to challenge dangerous trials across the land.

We strongly suggest that you reach out to fellow Warriors in the Forums:

Visit the Guild Recruitment Page, check out the Guides, and Talk to like-minded Warriors and build long-lasting relationships. Growing stronger alone is cool, but growing stronger together with friends is cool AND admirable.