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Certainly one of my recent blogs sparked a lively conversation on Facebook about ben wa balls. For anyone who may only use a vague idea what they are, best ben wa balls are small, marble-sized balls usually made of metal having a small weight included. The bride and groom We have, however, are made of jade. As my buddy Oceana says, "Jade is really a mineral whose inherent properties are abundance, prosperity, and health. Wearing jade within your second and third chakra areas will improve your capacity to bring these good vibrations into your life."

Ben wa balls are used to strengthen the muscles in the vagina and the pelvic floor. Stronger vaginal muscles not only assist in sexual satisfaction, they also assist with mild incontinence due to childbirth. Utilized in this way, they act similar to Kegel exercises.

Tantrikas use ben wa balls to assist build chi, or life force energy, in your body. The balls give you a subtle pleasure rather than a powerful orgasm; walking around using them within the vagina for an hour can take shape the chi to a point that after you have sex, it's really an entire body experience than one situated in the genitals. The balls could be left in while having sex, although some women experience pain when the man's penis causes the balls to press against her cervix.

Ben wa balls are not to be confused with their larger cousins, Duotone balls. These are plastic balls in regards to the size a golf ball, connected with a plastic tube, with smaller balls or weights within them. These larger balls normally have a string attached so they can be removed easily, while ben wa balls are generally independent and must be removed either by relaxation or proper pressure from your vaginal wall muscles. Duotone balls are an independent adult toy; they're sufficient that you would not be able to fit greater than the head of a penis in concurrently, and you'd have to navigate round the string. Additionally there is a variation on ben wa balls that links 4-5 of these together and does have a string for straightforward removal; this variation is frequently called anal beads, whilst they can also be used in the vagina.

Then there are those decorative Chinese "relaxation balls." These happen to be sold in Chinatowns in the united states for years. They are available in a fancy box and they are decorated with enamel paint and gold filigree. They have a weight and a chime in each one, as well as their intended use is to massage both hands. They create a noise and possess an appealing vibrating sensation once you jiggle them. Despite their seeming possibility of erotic pleasure, I might strongly recommend NOT inserting these into your vagina. If you aren't good at these kinds of things, you might have great difficulty removing them once inserted. A few of my friends can attest to this fact, as well as the anxiety that sets in when something's tough to remove from the vagina can make it that much more difficult. While I use a sneaking suspicion that whoever began importing them saw the erotic possibilities, we say you can find easier methods to have recently as entertaining. And, they actually do are excellent hand massagers.