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I have talked about numerous things in the realm of intercourse, but I have not spoken much about bondage.

Well, there are a couple of great reasons for this. For 1, it is a great idea to be comfortable with the concept of "experimental sex" prior to attempting to include blindfolds or whips and chains into the fray.

For another, I like to savor this topic and bring it out when I am feeling especially naughty.

Who Uses Bondage?

I can truthfully inform you tons of people use bondage.

Even much more want to use it, but do not know how or they are as well afraid to ask their beloved.

Bondage is an excellent sexual release and absolutely mind blowing tease and denial method. More frequently I see people in a loving and trusting partnership utilizing bondage and S and M games, although it's certainly not limited to these couples.

I admit, bondage takes a particular quantity of trust. I remember the first time I was blindfolded I believed "Oh shit, what did I get myself into?" Of program, I loved each erotically charged moment of it and I was with my beloved, so that made it more comfy.

Teasing Him

I know I've informed you many times that male chastity does not equal dominatrix lady and intercourse slave guy.

If that had been so, we women wouldn't give any regard for your emotions and would torture you endlessly with out your pleasure.

Bondage, whips and chains, S and M games, and all other types of fantasy enjoyable are not meant to torment a sex slave (nicely, they are meant to truly, but in a consensual manner).

These perform games are meant to discover new territory, develop believe in, act out fantasies, and of course, torture your bound beloved in ways he can only imagine.

How Do I Begin?

I could write a book on bondage perform, but I will give you a few fundamentals to start with. First, because you are trusting every other in ways you haven't carried out before, get consent.

Talk about choices. Go to a local sex store and appear at the toys. Tell each other what you want to try and then go home and give it a go.

Yes, it is as simple as that. Whips and chains, blindfolds, leather and stilettos, and (my preferred) handcuffs are all extremely good starting tools for torment.