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By definition, bondage is really a practice BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism), in addition to sadomasochism, fetishism along with other kinds of obedience, dominance and sexual punishment. Although initially seems violent, these activities aren't types of sexual abuse, simply because they happen just with CONSENT with the sex partners. Others get excited should they cannot move or because they just like the pain brought on by bindings, coils, etc....

There's soft bondage: handcuffs purchased in a sex-shop, his hands tied to the bed during sex, or perhaps the simple fact which you tie your lover with his hands over his head using the t-shirt you just became popular is part of the Bondage category. If it is utilized as a foreplay technique "tying up" assumes the maximum trust between your partners. One is completely or partially immobilized, and the other is producing pleasure using - sex toys, oral sex or masturbation.

Or, needless to say, you can do both...

There are two roles the bondage partners share: the dominant bondage - the person who has control of the tie, and the role with the dominated - someone who is related and lacking freedom of movement.

In establishing such roles, the sex of the partner makes no difference, but by looking into making them pleasure; both the man as well as the woman, you are able to locate both in situations. Simply because they involve a serving of risk (pain due to bindings, bruises, choking, unusual positions) bondage gear will not be practiced without precaution measures. So-called "security" words are some codes, agreed, whereby the partners communicate while having sex "linked." The dominated person must communicate clearly what he feels: if something hurts, if he wants more alert action in order to be let loose, or maybe the physical or emotional limits are exceeded. The security words should be apart from those who usually utter during sexual intercourse, for the dominant to learn just what he must do.

For instance, "green" may signify things are ok, and "red" - everything needs to stop. Also being a measure of precaution:

  • Bondage will not be mixed with alcohol or drugs.
  • You should not stay tied inside the same position several hour (the bonds may reduce the flow of blood).
  • Do not choose positions that can affect your breathing.
  • The bonds have to be tied to allow them to easily be untied.

So long as it's desirable both for bondage partners and is practiced inside the right range, bondage can be very exciting, because mutual confidence grows in couples and reaches a level of intimacy deeper when compared to a regular sport of sex.