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Due to high expenses, possible health complications and oftentimes undesirable results of breast augmentation surgery, much more and more ladies are turning to all-natural breast enhancement techniques. Even though not all of the natural enhancers on the market are effective, there are some that have really yielded significant results, with mounting anecdotal proof of their efficacy.

Most ladies are unaware of the health dangers and expenses involved with augmentation surgery. They are so consumed with increasing the size of their bust, that they do not consider the many side effects that can arise, the tens of thousands of dollars they will have to spend and the possible for a botched surgery that could leave them scarred for life.

Following are some details to consider when it comes to breast augmentation surgery:

- Implants will not last a lifetime, and you will most likely have to have them removed at some point due to a rupture, leak or other problem. - You will most most likely need extra operations to address a health problem which has arisen from a complication from the surgery. - Oftentimes the result of surgery is cosmetically undesirable, and cannot be reversed. (We've all seen photos of botched implant surgeries) - There is well-documented proof of breast pain, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensitivity, ruptures, deflation and infections, amongst other nearby complications.

So as you can see, breast augmentation surgery may not be the best choice for you. Of course, it is the surest way to improve the size of your bust, but at what cost? That is why natural breast enhancement might be a much better option.

There are a number of all-natural enhancers presently on the market, including a variety of supplements, creams, pumps and other products. However, most of them do not work at all, which is why natural breast enhancement products as a whole are viewed unfavorably.

Pumps and similar products yield temporary outcomes, creating a swelling impact that is passed off as breast enhancement. Following a few minutes, breast size returns to regular, and you are right back where you began from.

Breast enhancing/firming creams usually include a blend of natural herbal extracts with estrogenic compounds that purportedly stimulate new breast tissue growth. The issue is that most of these products do not include sufficient active ingredient to have any real impact on breast tissue. Moreover, most breast creams do not include the delivery system essential to bring these stimulating ingredients across the skin barrier, even if they do include substantial amounts of these herbal extracts. At best they will trigger a temporary swelling due to a reaction to the product.

Breast enhancement supplements are another option, and these appear to be the most promising alternative to breast augmentation surgery. Like breast creams, these supplements include a number of specialized herbs such as fenugeek, fennel seed, dong quai root, dandelion root, watercress and kelp. Nevertheless, since they are ingested rather than applied topically, herbal breast enhancement supplements can be much much more efficient than creams, particularly if they contain components to enhance absorption.

Even though much more studies require to be conducted, there is a fantastic deal of anecdotal proof pointing to the effectiveness of herbal breast enhancement supplements. Many ladies have in reality accomplished substantial results. If future research does support the use of these supplements, ladies will finally have a safe, viable alternative to breast augmentation surgery.

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