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Chipped or broken pearly whites are a common issue for Americans. Several foods that we eat can contribute to the chipping or breaking of teeth, such as nuts, seeds, and sometimes even bone pieces. A chipped tooth can be repaired, but treatment is not always cheap, even with an affordable dental plan. Though everyone's mouth is different, there areseveral common solutions for fixing a broken tooth.

If you do not have any over the counter painkillers and you are in pain you can hold a cold compress to your face. If you have a chipped tooth or knocked out tooth take it with you to the emergency dentist. The dentist might be able to cement it back and save your smile! However, they can only do this within a given period of time. Therefore it is important to rush to the emergency dental clinic.

Crooked, chipped, and broken teeth can make a person feel unattractive. These dental products can be used to correct these dental problems and give them a gorgeous, healthy appearance. For a tooth that has minimal to moderate damage,a dental veneer is a less invasive alternative than dental implants or crowns. They will also protect your teeth against future wear and tear. It is also worth noting that many individuals have gaps between their teeth. These dental products can be used to close these gaps and they'll eliminate your need for braces.

You should try to avoid emergency dental work at all costs. While it might seem like a good idea to skip a few checkups over the years, it's not going to seem like such a great idea when your mouth is in agony and you find out what kind of surgery might be in store for you.

A consultation with a dental professional is essential if you are considering veneers. While teeth whitening only changes the colour of your teeth, veneers can also change their look in terms of shape and position and can also close up small gaps between teeth. If individual teeth are discoloured, veneers can be made to match them to the good ones. A slight thickening of the veneer can cover a small chip and make the tooth look sound.

Veneers are more durable than composite resin. They do not chip or crack easily. A person can eat most kinds of foods without worrying about the veneers. Even though they are more expensive they offer greater value for money in the long run.

Take care of your mouth and get porcelain veneers for your chipped, cracked or damaged teeth. They are the quickest way to straight, beautiful teeth. You've got a million dollar smile, isn't it worth a little investment? Ask to see pictures of porcelain veneers and the other fabricated veneers. Your dentist will be glad to show you just why porcelain veneers cost more.

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