Can The Hunger Games Become A Larp

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File:Http:// SNYOtHAhBIMKd0Nku vh8dmiIBsW3WNzg&height=234LARP is probably one of many geekiest hobbies available. For those people who've never read about it, it symbolizes Live Action Role Play. Imagine Dungeons and Dragons (or World of Warcraft in case you are younger than me) inside a true to life setting, where individuals wear the costumes and act on the plot.
The best of these LARPs are ones the spot that the plot given is a bit more of your guideline than the usual necessity and players actions create events which inturn create other events and many others.
My recent passion for the Suzanne Collins book now movies series the Hunger Games, sparked the question, can the Hunger Games certainly be a decent LARP?
OK, so my first thoughts were regarding the setting. The post apocalyptic, dystopian setting of Panem is definitely an awesome LARP setting. Times take time and effort, foods are scarce along with the government controls everything. This is just ripe for fantastic, detailed story lines, and might also be fan scripted to provide a bigger background and history compared to author provided.
Of course I couldn't vacation without discussing the pivotal aspect in the books, the Games themselves.
I think which the setting might need to be tweaked to offer the districts scheming to find the correct "tribute" selected with the games, permitting some political style intrigue to get thrown in the games.
When the champions are chosen, the key event in the LARP is the games themselves together with the 24 participants battling out, maybe aided by their districts, in lieu of such as food (though meals is good) maybe they furnish weaponry etc.
Of course, there's no need to penetrate any form of back story by any means, simply gather 24 people (or higher) and also have in internet marketing on the sole weekend inside the woods. For the hardcore person in existence, maybe not even call a moment out magically but still be on the lookout and the escape even so.
Of course choosing the right Hunger Games costumes is essential, though most seasoned LARPers can magic up some kit inside blink of your eye, it is a smart idea to browse around and find out what's available in order to maintain your feel with the movie going.
Whilst it is valid that a lot in the girls will end up in Katniss Everdeen costumes (a Katniss army..) maybe smashing the Panem rules and getting some involved kit can certainly make the LARP much more fun.
I would like to have in mind the responses associated with a LARPers on the market. I am fairly certain that somewhere it is been recently done, but I still think it's some potential.