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Cannot think of something to get for your friend's upcoming infant shower? A car seat canopy makes the perfect gift for a new mother. A what? A car carrier canopy is made of two sided fabric and has Velcro straps to attach to your car carrier's handle. It then drapes over the seat completely covering your infant. I'm sure each mom out there has struggled to do this with a blanket. The problem with a blanket is that the blanket keeps falling off. It falls to the ground and gets dirty or it falls in your baby's face making her cry. A canopy that is secured to your carrier never falls off.

A car seat canopy provides a bunch of practical benefits.

First, they shield your baby from poor climate. When you absolutely have to go out in the cold just bundle your infant up and then cover her with the canopy and she will be fine. When it is hot and sunny, maintain her below the canopy and she will be shaded. Clearly there is no way to shield your baby from becoming out in intense climate for lengthy times, but this works fantastic when going from the house to the car and the parking lot to the store.

Second, car seat canopies shield your infant from germs. We all know how dangerous RSV can be for your little infant. The canopy keeps your baby covered and blocks the germs. This is a extremely efficient way to isolate your baby from the germs from other children.

Third, it blocks your baby from the wind. Babies have such sensitive skin that can truly be dried out by the wind. Babies also can get dehydrated truly fast by the wind. The very best prevention is to keep them covered and out of the wind.

Fourth, it keeps the inside of the carrier dark so that your infant can nap. It also tends to make it a bit quieter. Your infant will sleep longer in a dark and quiet environment.

The last benefit is that it keeps your baby away from curious kids who are a bit as well rough for a newborn. Innocent small children occasionally are too rough for a infant, but by keeping the infant out of sight you can maintain most of them away.

The car seat canopy attaches very effortlessly. You just strap the Velcro over the car seat handle and then drape the car seat canopy over the car seat. To keep the canopy out of the baby's face all you need to do is keep the handle in the upright position.

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