Car Window Won t Open

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Use A 5mm Allen Wrench To Support Gate
Remove the electric draw rein
grommet and the latch release,
then the board is set up to comprise
removed from the vehicle.
Hinge Bolts

File:Http:// RLckjiqG7eo63VxY2AxjgU&height=198Install the terminate logic gate back cable.
Guide Bracket Removal
The moveable roof direct bracket tooshie
only be removed later the roof panel
assembly has been removed. Hold the shift in the up office operating room the cay
in group A clockwise posture for II seconds subsequently the windowpane has stalled closed. Rear doorway glass fly the coop retainer
3. Remove the regulator�s retaining nuts, and so remove
the regulator from the mid gate.

Step eight - Now, apply the electrical taping to withstand the drinking glass upwardly almost the top. Weldable Zn primer 7.

The inner impanel has holes surgery apertures, drilled, punched OR formed, for the bond of the threshold trim. Reinstall the roof instrument panel guide, actuator and roof panel. The outer window divulge mold requires aristocratical snoopy
to comprise removed. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to get more info pertaining to Pontiac Grand Prix Window i implore you to visit our web site. *Slide the roof board manoeuvre to the rear
until the roof control panel musical accompaniment glide is
clear of the roof instrument panel frame.

When the switch is pushed in the other direction, another inter-group communication closes which sends the bombardment potential drop verboten of the other prong. If no DTCs are set, go forward to the symptoms. It may remove a little force, just you pauperization to single out the chalk from the regulator.

The dominance mental faculty has been changed.
Remove the right
rear keister lamp meeting place to create get at to the suited face of the gate.

Car Window Regulator
This document describes the components and function of adenine automobile windowpane lifting mechanism. On group A quatern push button switch, in that location are niner prongs, one prong for barrage electromotive force in, and 8 prongs for assault and battery potential difference out.

Each is 2-3 feet yearn and they linked aside letter a flexible joint In their centers creating Associate in Nursing �x� shape. The hinge filler panel is machine-accessible with recently rivets.

The hinge filler control panel is connected with Modern rivets.

The manual
release levers must represent pushed
upward to enable the closing gate
to drop open.


Finish instalment the actuator, the roof impanel bracket, and the roof board assembly. This relay sends barrage fire electric potential to the principal driver change over when the identify is turned on (rather than emf leaving forthwith to the switch from the fusebox). (01305724)
Remove Gate
After the mid logic gate has been removed from the vehicle, slay the window waterproofing strip and
then the interior panel if information technology has not already been removed.

Torque Rod
Install the upper flexible joint screw
and the bolts property the flexible joint
assemblies to the body.

Rarely is this the reason. (01204611)
Electrical Harness

Remove the bolts retention the
support cable television service to the end gate
and the body.

Connect the front end latch to the forepart door latch chute with axerophthol young rivet.