Cleaning and maintenance of the courtyard in autumn

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Autumn is the time of purification. Now, the season is cleaning our gardens and preparing for winter. Let's break it down into several categories. Areas that require attention include trees and shrubs, lawns and orchards, and flower fields.
Autumn cleaning is cleaning the leaves. I don't mind putting the leaves in the bag, and expect the garbage to get them. Your best bet is a lawnmower backhoe loader. I use all lawn waste for composting. My mower / excavator has a series of crushing knives that tear and break the leaves for composting
About composting? There is much more to keep. Depending on the type of plant, trees and shrubs need to be cut in the fall. If the tree is more than 10-15 feet tall, it is best not to risk taking the work on your own. Find someone who is qualified to work for you. This is also a good opportunity to remove dry branches.
In the fall, lawns require various types of maintenance. Currently, there are several pickers on the market. Shovels and excavators for lawnmowers. After the last cleaning of the sheet. It is time to fertilize the lawn landing at the lawn landing. Visit a local nursery to find the right application.
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The last area to look for is the garden and flowerbed. What you do here depends on the type of plant you are working on. For annuals, especially annuals, it is best to completely remove them at the end of the growing season. Some vegetables, such as tomatoes and potatoes, when placed on the ground, can spread fungal diseases to the ground and cause many problems next summer. Once the plants are removed, it is a good time to add fertilizers such as organic matter and other soil conditioners. End the area with a thick layer of compost from the previous year.
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Leaf cutters save time and help the garden. Electric or gas leaf cutters are designed for this task and work well. You may want to look for leaf crusher reviews or online surveys before making a rush purchase to the hardware store. Is the leaf cutter large enough to handle the volume of cut leaves? Can you handle small twigs and debris? How reliable is it? Make sure the leaves are dry. This prevents clogging of the machine.
Gardening Tool Basics
Finally, don't forget that leaf shredders can be used year-round, as well as for autumn cleaning. In the spring, you can get rid of it from storms and prune trees and small shrubs and bushes. In summer, weeds and debris, such as old tomatoes and corn coverings, can be removed from the garden.