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The mobile car wash business is a fantastic business because it is mostly in cash and the customers spend you on the spot for your function. You have low overhead as you have no genuine inventory and no location to have to deal with. Management is easy because generally you would be correct there with the other worker or may two-other workers and can watch to make certain they are operating and performing their jobs correctly. All this sounds fantastic correct?

Certainly but what about the customers and what about "Consumer Service in Mobile Car Washing" have you considered that, simply because with out clients no company will make any cash you see? This is why consumer service is probably the most essential factor in mobile car washing, auto detailing or fleet washing.

If you set up to wash at an workplace developing each week and you will be coming to the clients place then you need to come each week at the precise particular time and never be late. The customers should be in a position to set their watches by your prompt service. If you are to be there at 10:00 am on Wednesday then you better be there at 10 Am sharp and there can be no excuses.

If for some purpose you are operating late, then you should alert them in advance so you do not hold people up as they have their own companies to run and consequently cannot be inconvenienced. Consumer service in Mobile Car Washing requirements to be regarded as and you must start by strict adherence to schedule.

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