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Grabbing eyeballs from the attractive web design is among the necessities today. Custom website design not only helps in directing traffic to your site but in addition increases website and business remarkably. The term SMS Fuzion refers to improving or enhancing the graphic and technical facets of a site to make it more appealing and user-friendly. It mostly concentrates on look, feel, colour, logos, texts, pictures, presentations on the net page in order that it can be created more attractive, informative and smart.

In line with the usage and values of the organization, websites could be classified broadly under several categories. The web site design for are all unique because it would serve different purposes with all the varying categories:

Personal website: Where the web design should concentrate on promoting the person who owns the site. Here designing will be based to produce or enhance opinions or ideas concerning the individual and content articles are usually presented inside a colourful and entertaining manner. Commercial or business website: A company web site design will solely concentrate on promoting, vigorous marketing and sales of your product, idea or service. Target market friendly content, text, informative photos, promotional logos are a must. The page designed should be able to load faster for user convenience. Governmental website: Of the government, here designing is provided to guiding users easily through the sea of data available on your website. Non-profit organization website: Usually promoting an underlying cause or idea, here designing should focus on hard hitting images and texts which makes the theory, idea or create a prominent feature to visitors. A very important facet of custom designs is blogging to increase interaction with visitors and customers. One of the most popular blogging softwares is WordPress.

There are several WordPress themes which can be chosen from depending on requirements of the business. The themes vary according to content, look and graphics used. The very best WordPress themes or the ones which are most popular today are the following, in respect of number of columns along with other criteria:

Top five one column themes: Manifest, Doc, Satorii, Simplr, Vostok 5 top two column themes: Handgloves, Types, Thematic, Sugar Cane, Journic Top five three column themes: Carrington, Fervens, Grass Roots, Depo Clean, Illacrimo Top five magazine style themes: The Morning After, Gumball Special, Magazeen, Upstart Blogger Swiss, Yamidoo Magazine 5 top specialized themes: P2, Crafty Cart, Tumblelog for WordPress, The Seven Five, Sharpfolio WordPress offers several unique features that enable widgets that may be rearranged without editing PHP or Web coding, along with themes that can be installed and switched between without much hassles.