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In 2007, the total cost of science and technology drugs increased by 4.4% to $ 14.7 billion (Source: Simba). With the advent of technology-based business models, publishers have faced intense competition in recent years.
Innovation and scientific advances are changing the market. In addition, innovation has reduced the entry cost of new competitors. This is due to the fact that only e-publishers do not have to pay for the hard copy creation, archiving and distribution.
STM Knowledgespeak's online news service provides information on the latest developments in the STM publishing industry. This online printing service for science, technology and medical news serves as a communication tool for contacting customers and other industry stakeholders. Knowledgespeak subscribers receive STM news online daily. You can also take advantage of the event calendar, STM Publishers Directory, resources area with related articles, white papers and presentations, and blog areas.
Changes in social security to expect in 2018
STM publishers can promote their products and services by sending press releases. You can also easily find relevant database providers according to peer reviews. Knowledgespeak is a free technical and medical news service for professionals who need to recognize and address the ongoing challenges of publishing science, technology and medicine.
Knowledgespeak is the first STM online news service to report daily on all developments in scientific, technical and medical publications. The STM News Service, whose subscribers are primarily the primary contributors to STM publications, has set a benchmark for online scientific and medical news.
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STM news categories covered by this scientific and medical news service:
Favorite Baby Shower Party
Management of scientific and technical knowledge for the healthcare industry
Alliances, partnerships and mergers
STM Industry New Release-Magazines, Products and Services
Results-Research Report Results
STM News Social Content, Web 2.0, Social Networking for Science News Services, and Social Networking for Medical News Services
Library-management, digitization, automation
Multi-channel-publishing scientific and medical content, innovative scientific and scientific publishing services, medical electronic publishing services. New message format for scientific content and message format for medical content
New appointments and other changes in leadership
Other Knowledgespeak features include a complete list of science and medical news publishers, a calendar of science and medical news, and a resource area with interesting articles on science and medical news and white papers, white papers, and science service books . Of science publishing. Industry news publisher related to STM News Magazine, Science News Blog, Medical News Blog.