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Do you really need life insurance? The answer is yes! Being prepared for the unexpected is the key to smart economic planning.
Prepare for the future
It's never too early for life insurance, but it's always too late. You may be in top health, but you never know what the future of you and your loved ones will be. Whether it's a serious illness, an unexpected (or unexpected) death, or an injury, it's everybody's life that needs life insurance. Life is full of crooked balls and, unfortunately, sometimes tragedies and sudden changes.
Many young people do not think about life insurance because they are young. There is a misconception that life insurance is best for those who have advanced in life. Young people, especially young families, may require more life insurance than survivors. If you have a young family, mortgage, business and / or other debt, you can rely on your ability to be financially healthy. During this time, your budget may be limited and you may think your insurance contract has incurred unnecessary costs.
But life does not discriminate! Tragedy can affect people of all ages and stages of life. If you or your spouse die, become disabled, or become ill, the financial consequences can negatively affect your family's ability to float. You may think you don't need life insurance, but you do need life insurance.
If you already have life insurance in Alberta, keep in mind that as your family grows and your career and financial situation changes, your life insurance needs may change over time. The best practices at this time may not be later best practices. Every five years or after a major change in your life (marriage, children, home purchases), it's important to check Alberta's risk insurance policy to make sure you have the right insurance applied is.
Who Should Get Life Insurance?
If your loved one is at risk, or if your death has financial implications, you really need life insurance. Here are the questions you need to ask to determine if you need life insurance.
* Do you have any young children? If the answer is positive, it is essential that you have life insurance that meets your financial obligation to raise minors in the event of death or disability.
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* Are you an entrepreneur? In this case, you need to ensure that you can pay all of your company's and financial obligations to your employees or partners.
* Are there any funds that cannot be easily solved? They could be farms or farms where the majority of the value of the property is land or closely managed. In order for a country or company to transfer to beneficiaries, it may be important to have enough life insurance to cover property taxes.
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* Do you have a family history of chronic illness? According to the Canadian Census Bureau, cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death in all states and regions except Nunavut, where suicide is the leading cause. In Alberta, the leading cause of death is lung and other respiratory diseases. If your family has had these conditions in the past, you may have a greater risk of developing them in your life. Do the best design by preparing for the worst.
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* Do you have a house? Repay mortgage on death?