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Arthritis is not only common amongst humans but with dogs as well. Surprisingly, 20% of the dog population in the United States alone is affected with this degenerative illness. No breed is exempted and even though it is more widespread in older dogs, younger ones are also at risk. Clearly your dog has no way of telling you that he is suffering from arthritis. What are the most typical dog arthritis symptoms?

1.) Your dog shows some signs of difficult in walking, sitting, running or even just standing. This is not a regular thing for a dog, he may be in terrible pain which causes him to swerve from his usual behavior. Dogs that are affected with arthritis have no interest in playing either simply because of their sore joints.

2.) Your dog is sleeping much more. Dogs are usually active in common and they slow down when something is wrong with them so you have to think about this as a inform tale sign.

3.) If you notice that your dog is reluctant in jumping or climbing the stairs then he should be in pain and his bones and joints are beginning to weaken. Attempt to observe as well if your dog is using only one leg.

Dog arthritis symptoms should never be taken for granted. No matter how mild the symptom is, you should not believe twice in bringing your pet to the veterinarian for correct diagnosis. If your dog is indeed suffering from this dreaded degenerative disease, you should give appropriate treatment correct away. Physical exercise and weight management, joint supplements, prescription drugs and alternative therapies can all help in decreasing inflammation and in relieving pain.

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