Ecological building of Moni Eco Village

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1. Structural framework
When we build houses, we try to use materials that are more harmful to the environment. The most important area where environmental savings are made is in wooden construction, not concrete or steel. Wooden houses have been built for hundreds of years and have been completed in the United States and Canada in the last 50 years. Well-built wooden houses can last hundreds of years. The wooden building was built non-seismic and approved by the building management authority of Cyprus to inspect all elements of the housing project.
Technology and education
The frame is made of CLS (Canadian timber), selected and classified for proposed use, and impregnated with factory preservatives against pests and falls. This is an internationally recognized specification. Attention to detail during the construction phase with proper moisture barriers, horizontal and vertical waterproofing and breathable membranes guarantees a longer life than reinforced concrete. Because wood is a thermal insulator, the wooden frame is insulative, avoiding the use of steel parts improves heat insulation and avoids the noise and cracking problems when steel expands and contracts. This system is widely used in the UK and continental Europe to build up to five-story skyscrapers.
Vasos Savvides Dip. Arch. (South Bank) Director ARB RIBA is an expert in the field of wooden frame construction. In 1994, his British company, Clayton Holmes, built an exhibition house for the Daily Telegraph Independent Home Show at the British National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. 40,000 people saw this house in Birmingham over the weekend. His current project in Wales, UK, is highly valued by local Carmarthenshire authorities for construction against intense competition from other developers in South Wales, UK.
The timber used to build the frame consists primarily of Douglas fir, pine, spruce, and other closely related species that have been destroyed by forests in Canada, Sweden, and the continent of Europe (therefore, forests are constantly updated) ). The tree is updated in about 30 years. The most important component of wooden construction is the sun. This is a direct use of the sun's energy, and does not destroy the earth in quarries or other scars created in search of building materials.
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The chassis is manufactured in Cyprus according to the instructions of a civil engineer and is securely mounted on concrete slabs. Civil engineer checks during construction. All concrete used must undergo an appropriate cube test to ensure that it is compatible with the structural design.
2. Exterior wall.
The outer walls of the frame are shielded and insulated with a combination of Yton insulation blocks, mineral wool, and polystyrene to form a structural, highly insulated wall approximately 25 cm thick.
3. Inner wall.
All inner walls are approximately 147 mm thick and consist of wooden pillars. Construction engineer details are covered and finished with 11mm OSB plywood and 12.5mm gypsum board for a smooth and solid finish.
All interior walls are filled with mineral wool for sound insulation.
4. Inner layer.
The base layer consists of a 10 cm high concrete layer in a 10 cm polystyrene floor heating pipe, reinforced concrete with a reinforced waterproof surface.
According to the construction engineer, the first layer consists of a 7.5 mm layer of concrete for the floor heating pipes and a 7.5 mm styrofoam layer of the wooden floor.
The structural wooden floor is filled with mineral wool for sound insulation.

5. External version of the house
ceiling. The roof is finished with an Italian baked clay roof.
wall. The upper floor is equipped with a high-quality waterproof resin-based graft with a durable, weatherproof, low maintenance surface. The ground floor walls are covered with beautiful natural stone.
Windows and door tubs are made of durable granite.
Exterior doors and windows have double glazing, filled with "Low E" energy-saving devices filled with inert argon gas, and ensure high insulation value with high quality aluminum frame.
All exterior concrete is smoothly painted with two coats of primer and high quality exterior paint.
The balcony has high-quality ceramic tiles.
Balcony railings are painted in a wrought iron factory and have a durable ceramic finish baked in an oven.
6. Internal model.
Unless otherwise indicated, all interior walls are coated with one coat of primer and two coats of high quality emulsion paint.
Our prices include high quality ceramic tiles for living, bedroom and kitchen areas. For a fee, customers can also choose granite or marble.
Bathroom walls and floors are made of high quality ceramic tiles.
Stairs, railings and railings are made of high quality mature oak and follow the architect's design.
7. Cabinet door and kitchen furniture
Cabinet doors and kitchen elements designed by interior designers are handcrafted by qualified personnel coated with highly laminated aluminum foil by qualified personnel to meet your color needs. Also, Italian food can be selected from the Italian range.
The utensils and utensils used are of excellent quality and the countertop is made of granite. High quality ceramic tiles are included in the price and customers can use granite for a small extra cost. If necessary, marble can be used instead of granite.
8.sanitary facilities
Sewer and HVAC systems are rigorously designed by planners and designers according to the latest local government guidelines and regulations.
The pipes are made of state-of-the-art polypropylene or copper pipes.
In Cyprus, individual homes or groups of homes have their own high-tech biological waste treatment facilities instead of the general wastewater treatment system. Wastewater is completely treated and the clean water generated at the end of the process is used for garden irrigation and is not eliminated. For this reason, water consumption is required on islands affected by drought. As in conventional systems in Cyprus, bacteria in partially processed waste are not buried in the soil and are contaminated.
On this low-water island, it's fun to find the vast natural groundwater just below the Moniological Village. This water was collected at a depth of 120 meters from the well. The water is pumped into the site's high-level storage tanks and distributed to all households, providing very cheap water for swimming pools, gardens and cleaning. This makes Mont's ecological village virtually independent of local water supplies that may be subject to drought for a period of time. Authorities reduce their water needs because they have no choice but to supply water from desalination plants that require space and energy to produce water.
Fresh water comes directly from the water supply and is put into the sink.
9. Cooling and heating
All homes are fully functional with underfloor heating and air conditioning. They are very cheap and are used by very cheap geothermal systems to heat swimming pools. See Environmental Information for more information.
10.Electrical equipment
The electrical wiring system is designed with expert advice adhering to the latest local government guidelines and regulations.
Each room has enough TV and telephone connections. Electrical installations are inspected and approved by Cyprus authorities before final electrical connection and delivery to the owner.
Theft and fire alarms are standard.
Sophisticated controls are designed in the design of geothermal energy, biological waste treatment plants, and pressurized water supplies.
11.Parking lot
Each house has its own parking space. Each family house has at least two private parking spaces, one of which is covered and has enough parking space for visitors.
12.Swimming pool
Pool is the dimension specified in the specification. The pool is made of reinforced concrete and coated with a 1.5 mm high performance plastic coating. All equipment, pumps and filters are strong and durable. The pool can be filled with an underground well water system accessible from under the building. This saves significant water costs and independence from local government water supplies. Be careful on the geothermal side
The surrounding wall is made of reinforced concrete coated with stabilizers for outdoor use and two layers of plastic paint. There are natural stone rules on the walls. The iron railings on the front wall are durable with high quality ceramic paint and are baked in the oven before installing in the factory.
The garden terrace and garden path are paved with durable natural stone.
The minimum height of all gardens is 15 cm.