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There are many business-owners or primary choice-makers who opt not to have a company event such as training or workshops or meetings take location inside their office or business premises and instead, choose to rent a various venue for such. The reasons behind this decision may be due to the size of the company's meeting room or conference hall not becoming in a position to accommodate all guests and/or the staff or they just want to have the meeting or event to take place at a much more formal and impressive venue and location to impress the visitors and other attendees.

In choosing an out-of-workplace meeting room or venue for any event, it is vital to take into consideration its physical address or location. The venue should be conveniently situated and simple to find, particularly for first-time travellers, and inside close proximity to the significant transport links.

The subsequent thing to consider would be the high quality of the meeting room itself. The venue should have plenty of light and airy spaces. The over-all ambience and setting must be professional yet comfortable.

Of course, the venue should have all the essential furniture, gear and other office supplies that are required for the effective outcome of the event. Chairs and desks must be comfy and arranged correctly as requested or in keeping up with the theme and/or purpose of the event. The audio-visual gear, such as the projector, should be functional and easy to operate. In case there is a need to make copies of documents to be circulated, a photocopying machine should also be always available. Quick and reliable internet connection, LAN or Wi-Fi should also be present and continuous. Writing supplies must also be at hand and the business support employees can be called on when needed.

Refreshments and catered food can also be requested for, but this depends on the packages and services the provider of the serviced meeting room for rent provides.

Trainng room requirements also differ on a case to case basis. The rental packages can be flexible enough a room can be rented for the entire day or just for a few hours. The room to be hired can be only be small to accommodate only 5 to ten attendees, such as for a meeting, or big enough to house at least fifty of the company workers for a one-day product training.

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