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Do you have a list of emergency survival items that you are operating on or have currently accumulated? It can be a time consuming job getting all the stuff you feel you would like to complete your emergency kits. You might be placing with each other a bug out bag for your self and maybe the rest of your family members. There could be an emergency kit that goes in the vehicles and then you have your emergency supplies that are kept at the house.

Everybody that puts together emergency survival kits will have various variations of the above and you can get many opinions as to what is the best way to go about it. The important for you is to look at what you think is your most most likely situation to deal with and prepare first for that. After you have that squared away then you can work on your kits in more detail.

Clearly your most important items are going to be water, food and first aid. If you are just starting out work on placing away water and food before anything else. Buy bottled water to keep in your vehicles along with some snack food, this will help out if you are stranded. Work on stocking your home as very best you can.

If you want to spend the money to buy an already assembled food provide go ahead. Otherwise you may do much better by buying products from the store a little at a time till you have at least three days with each other, then try to build up from there. In addition to food think of something else you need to get you buy if you can not get to a store for a length of time. Make the work to be ready, you might be glad you did.

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