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We've all heard that expression "use it or lose it" and it really is valid for guys with erection dysfunction.Impotence problems(ED) does not always mean get rid of your sex life.The quicker it is diagnosed and treated, the better the result.The disuse of the organ can cause lose of function over time, buy utilizing a vacuum Penis pumps to deal with your issue can prevent "disuse atrophy" a phrase employed for progressive lack of use.

Erection dysfunction isn't an age thing.It can affect all men as a result of many issues which range from nerve damage to medication use.It could be due to Psychological or Physical conditions such as: Prostrate Cancer - Circulatory Problems - Diabetes -High Blood pressure level - Hypertension -Smoking - Stress - Anxiety Sexual Boredom or Depression etc...

Did you ever hear the phrase from Dr.Phil "it's not about you"? Well he's right.Erectile dysfunction effect not only men but women too.Approximately about 20% of failed marriages result from ED not being address through the effected partner.

We receive calls from women on a regular basis asking questions about ED and many will inform us how the gentlemen is simple to embarrassed to talk to anyone about his condition.Otherwise discussed this challenge may become bigger then it must be.In the end understand fully its embarrassing factors, having an expert to talk with can assist you decide the best options for you and your sexual partner.

Just remember guys - "its not just about you"!

Today you can expect effective and simple products to address ED.Our Vacurect OTC penis pump package may be the simplest device for sale to use. The Vacurect OTC is FDA registered and Medicare approved. It is one-piece, compact manual design, light-weight (6oz), durable, and intensely user friendly.The Vacurect OTC is the over-the-counter package no prescription is required. This penis pump has been available on the market for several years and has been recommended by physicians worldwide.

Should you trying to find a total package with battery powered pump consider our Encore Revive Deluxe package, it provides everything you would every need together with a lifetime warranty on the battery operated pump as well as the included manual back-up pump.

The Encore brand is available in three package versions from your standard manual, deluxe manual and deluxe package.Of course all of our Erection dysfunction Vacuum Penis Pumps are FDA registered and Medicare approved.

The most common question we receive about our penis pumps is: can the man still ejaculate with all the pump.Using a vacuum penis pump demands the use of a tension ring to carry blood in the penal shaft, which produces the erection.This tension ring can restrict the flow of seamen during orgasm. Most men claim that the feeling of a pleasurable orgasm continues to be achieved while having sex however, this won't present any medical issues and removing the strain ring normally results some seamen discharge.

May be the vacuum penis pump for all? NO! If you are taking blood thinner medication you ought to talk to your doctor before utilizing a vacuum pump of any kind.I it recommended that you see your doctor if you have any blood related issue before purchasing this kind of product.