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Italy been known for its wine for centuries, and it is now exported all over the globe. Olive oil is just as a vibrant an export as well, and in the delightful area of Puglia there are plenty of beautiful groves to visit when on holiday. Many travellers will tour wineries about their Puglia hotels, but it is also nicely worth taking some time to discover the thriving olive business as well. Every region presents opportunities to sample various varieties, see olive mills and even assist out in production. Take a tour or a brief road trip to visit these extraordinary businesses to learn everything there is to know about creating these tasty olive oils.

Pressing olives in Fasano

It can be a real thrill to learn and see how olives are turned into olive oils. Visit Fasano for a look at the history of production and how it is been accomplished for generations. The home there that holds the olive press dates back to the 12th century A.D and there is another 18th century oil mill in town that has been restored back to its original splendour. Whilst touring the stunning architectural wonders of Fasano, learn even more about the trade at the Olive Oil Museum. Really feel free to examine old tools and learn about techniques mastered by individuals of the previous in order to produce the finest high quality oils. Stock up on samples as gift or to enjoy with some local bread back in one of the Puglia hotels.

Castelli's groves and vineyards

As a land of beautiful country estates, Castelli is the ideal quit to make when staying in nearby Puglia hotels. Nestled in a picturesque valley, there are plenty of lovely archways and tunnels to stroll via, but the highlight in this region is the large underground oil mill called Trappeto del Duca. Indulge in a picnic in one of the estates that host olive groves, fig tree farms and, of course, vineyards. Some of these establishments will provide meals as nicely, featuring many locally sourced ingredients presented in classic Italian dishes. Although becoming spoiled with a delectable meal is sublime, adventurous visitors can also try their hand at a cooking class, using the oils, wines and other components from the area in their dishes.

Sipping wine and seeing castles

While the oil mill in Mesange is gorgeous, it is no longer used for pressing olives. But the consolation prize is the town's castle, complete with its underground oil mill now converted into a wine bar. Before heading back to your Puglia hotels, appreciate a local libation, possibly paired with fresh bread and some rich, herb infused oils.

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