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Nursery rhymes are musical melodies for young children. Everybody grew up with a set of rhymes like 'Humpty-Dumpty Sat on a Wall', 'Jack-n-Jill Went up the Hill', 'Twinkle-Twinkle Small Star', and 'Johny Johny Yes Papa'. All these and many more have a deep influence on the life of a human as these invoke different set of feelings and attitude in different personalities. Listening to these children grow up and form their own beliefs and dreams based on their understanding.

The origin of nursery rhymes is glorious as it reflects certain known events or real life experiences from history. Each rhyme has its personal distinctive origin and meaning even the influence on a child's development is unique in its own way. In typical there are many advantages of nursery rhymes in a child's life. Someway or the other it puts an influence on the physical, social, moral, emotional, and spiritual development of a child.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of nursery rhymes:

• Teaching rhymes helps kids learn to communicate correctly with the right pronunciation and speech. • These invoke kids to express their feelings in a much better way via various gestures and facial expressions. • These help kids love music and develop their senses to appreciate various forms of music. • Rhythm is an essential component of nursery rhymes that help a great deal in the development of memory and auditory skills. • Soft words and soothing tune captivates toddler's attention that assists expand their imaginations. • These assist to effortlessly register every word and rhythm in the child's unadulterated brain. • Listening is an essential ability that tends to make them smarter and understanding in the long run. • Through the poems and verses kids can paint imaginary photos that assist to activate awareness. • Children have a much better understanding of humor through these rhymes. • Different rhymes have different idea that provide various opportunities to develop vocabulary based on the concepts. • Also helps a fantastic deal in developing children's motor abilities and co-ordination. • These verses can be beautifully transformed to ability-creating games for better learning. • These rhymes are an integral part of cultural heritage and hence are used to inculcate values and traditional beliefs inside children. • Last but not the least it is the best supply of entertainment for toddlers.