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MU: Origin FAQs[edit]

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Q: How can I know if I'm a tester or not?
A: Please visit our webpage: http://muorigin.webzen.com/en
If you're selected as a tester, you should receive an e-mail at your registered account.
Please check the spam folders as well!

Q: It says "We are unable to offer this service to players in your region."
A: MU: Origin is playable in America and Europe(excluding Russia).
If you are from other regions, you will not be able to access to the game.
For more details about the playable regions, please check : http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-...meplay-regions

Q: When does the CBT2 start?
A: The following is the schedule for CBT2:
Start: March 4th 02:00 (UTC)
End: March 7th 02:00 (UTC)
You will be able to access to the game after March 4th 02:00 UTC.

Q: I can't see the app in my store even after registering.
A: It is normal that you can't see the game in the stores.
The game will be available on stores after the official launch.
For the selected CBT2 participants, an e-mail has been sent so please check!

Q: I can't play in US EAST / EUROPE regions.
A: The CBT2 is only available at the US WEST region.
All regions will open on the official launch, so please choose US WEST to play for the CBT2.

CBT2 In-Game[edit]

Q: I can't use auction or store.
A: Some of the features are disabled intentionally in CBT2.
The disabled features will be back on at Soft Launch.
You can use Bound Diamonds on this CBT2.

Q: I can not purchase Diamonds in CBT.
A: The "Store" feature as a whole is disabled in CBT.
You can not purchase any item or in-game currency during CBT.

Q: Will my data be wiped out after the CBT?
A: Yes, all data within the beta test will be removed before the official launch.
But don't be too sad, we will give gifts to participants from the CBT after the official launch!


Q: What if I change device or uninstall the game?
A: As long as you login with your account there wouldn't be any problem.
However the following condition might end up losing data.
1. If you have deleted your account
2. If you used guest login

We strongly recommend you to transfer the account in order to keep your data safe.


Q: What is WEBZEN account and how can I make one?
A: WEBZEN account is the account used on official homepage of WEBZEN.
There are various cross-promotions and news letters that benefit WEBZEN users. If you don't have an account, go to www.webzen.com to create one.

Q: Is there any disadvantage of logging in as a guest?
A: In case of logging in as a guest, your game data may be wiped out when you uninstall the game or change the device.
Therefore we strongly recommend you to transfer the account or log in with proper accounts (WEBZEN, Google, Facebook).

Q: I have deleted my account before. Is there any way to restore it?
A: Unfortunately deleted account can not be restored.
Note we are double checking during the deletion process to prevent users' mistake. Please make sure you do not delete your account mistakenly as it can not be restored in the future.

Q: It says my account is suspended.
A: Abusing or exploiting items in abnormal ways is strictly restricted according to our policy.
You can find privacy policy and terms of service of MU Origin in the game or on our official website.

Q: I have lost my account (password).
A: To retrieve WEBZEN account: visit www.webzen.com
To retrieve Google account: visit www.google.com
To retrieve Facebook account: visit www.facebook.com


Q: I purchased Diamonds but I have not received any.
A: If your purchase did not go through, please contact us as following.
1. Connect to MU Origin
2. Go to System > CS
3. Fill out everything and submit a ticket.

Note order number will be sent to your google account.

Q: I would like to get a refund for the item purchased by mistake.
A: According to our policy, we do not provide refund service. Please make sure to check price of items before you make purchase and do not mistakenly purchase anything.


Q: The game does not run properly.
A: If the game does not run properly, please try the following things.
1. Uninstall the game and install again.
2. Submit CS ticket in the game.