Families and their importance to maximize our potential

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Many personal development masters talk about wealth. Turn on your TV, browse the Internet, go to bookstores, and see a list of bestsellers, focusing on financial well-being. Some people talk about other aspects of self-development. However, most people favor the place they are occupied, money. Even Napoleon Hill, famous for his thoughts and growth, raised religious and spiritual issues, but talked about economic prosperity. Of course, he wrote after the terrible after, and most people at the time were focused on finance. But, as one of the most popular words says, money drives the world. And there is no problem with money. According to Zig Ziggler, a great motivator, "Money is not the most important thing in life, but it's pretty close to oxygen." Ample money guarantees peace of mind. The house keeps accounts and debtors away. Helps take care of family and friends when needed. Money is not the root of all evil, but above all it is people who love it. And this causes problems. Where money means for you, family, honesty, honesty, honesty, courage, trust, and anything that can be lost or jeopardized when money first comes.
Many gurus have repeatedly discussed what they need to do to be financially successful. However, it is interesting to note that the biggest lesson learned to achieve the highest economic benefits is the starting point of excellence. To succeed in most lives, make timely and significant sacrifice, make great efforts, achieve concentration and determination, maintain a high level of patience, and overcome suicide habits with complete self-control is needed. Exams and discipline. These things have much greater rewards and much greater significance because they understand the true purpose of life (these principles are maintained and maintained forever by individuals. Money and material Things are unstable and temporary).
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"Working hard, upholding discipline, and giving up certain fun to achieve goals is one of the weird sarcasm of this weird life." Brutus Hamilton
It is the essence of this "happy people" that enriches the soul in a truly meaningful way. There are many people who are rich but have little joy in life. There are many poor and middle class living in this way. But there is great joy in our universe. However, to find true pleasure, some general laws and principles need to be applied. And I'm not talking about "I was alone in Disneyland", but about the joy of life.
"If you want to be happy for an hour, go to bed. If you want to have a happy day, go fishing. If you want to be happy for a year, take over your belongings. If you want to be happy in life, help someone Please. "Chinese proverb
This mutual search, this self-gift, is animated and animated. The first stories about mothers and fathers, and the great joys and purposes they have found, always come from Hollywood (today we use Hollywood because only a few of our neighbors are interviewed). You will see true pleasure for the first time. For the first time, you will see greater meaning outside of yourself. For the first time, they know that nothing is more important than a child who gives life when needed. why? Let's look at this truth.
It's good to try to help others, but where is the greatest joy? There is always temporary joy, temporary joy, but where does long-term, self-sufficient joy come from? What is the most important thing for most people? Answer? family. married. mother. father. son. Daughter. grandmother. grandfather. Report. Think about the time to cry for the loss of cars, jobs, favorite items, and jewelry. True, we can feel the sadness and the loss of depression here, but does one of them survive a life losing a daughter, boy, friend, mother or father? why? We lose ourselves, our humanity and our families a little when our relationships and our families die. It is these lives that give us life. Support us. Please see contact information. Take all kinds of self-help, self-healing and self-update courses. If you don't have a family, a family that encourages and encourages you, you have little significant success. The foundation of a healthy and successful company is the family.
"Toward the tenth anniversary of the International Family Year, many governments have reaffirmed the importance of families as a central unit in society." (2004)
"The Church's recent social education collection dedicates one of its first chapters to a family organization called the" important cell of society "." (Vatican Collection on Family Importance 2004)
As a family, you need to learn important truths and principles at schools, business meetings, and all public and private meetings to not only help build a stronger family, but also create a better society. Here you will learn discipline, respect for yourself and others, cooperation, humor, laughter and play.
"Marriage requires cooperation, commitment, and responsibility. These allow us to choose" us "or" together "and work together. To manage the powerful forces around us.
You need to plan special moments each week so that families can have fun, communicate, plan, and study together. Husbands and wives need to discuss each other and spend time seeking a sense of humor. If one gets angry and loses control, you may be injured and you must use self-control. Our mind can cause us great problems. "(Kasaima Muslim House: Anti-Family Community 2007 Islamic Family Values)
Here you will learn how to contact others. Schools, governments, communities, public or private institutions should not or should teach it. It is the family that you deserve and have a solid foundation for. It is the parent's responsibility to teach these principles. If you don't know them, you need to take care of them and get to know them through family, church, or private counseling.
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I am surprised many times that these principles are not widely known. Maybe they need to be handed over from one child to another after being taught by parents at school. And in an instant, families can get the right social, emotional, and spiritual education.
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Interestingly, the amount of love, respect, attention, and consistency a child receives by the age of five ultimately determines the child's mental health and stability.
Men and women have a strict sole responsibility to love and care for each other and their children. "The child is the heir of the Lord" (Ps. 127: 3). Parents are citizens who raise their children in love and justice, protect their physical and spiritual needs, love each other, teach them to serve each other, obey the commandments of God, and obey the law wherever they are. Husbands and wives-mothers and fathers-are accountable to God for fulfilling these responsibilities. "(" Family: Declaration to the World "by Gordon B. Hinckley)
Outside the family, it cannot compensate for abuse or lack of love within the family.