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Hoodies And Sweatshirts

The product poses a threat of choking because small elements can easily detach and be swallowed by young children. The product poses a risk of strangulation because of the presence of drawstrings in the product poses a threat of accidents as a result of presence of functional cords in the waist area that are too long. The product poses a danger of strangulation as a result of presence of a drawstring with knots and toggles on the ends in the hood.

Description: Set of 4 baby rattles made from exhausting plastic in different colors. Description: Set of digital cigarettes with two pink clearomizers, 2 rechargeable batteries and a mains power provide with a USB connector. Description: Christmas LED rope mild in a cardboard field with a label bearing the importer's details. The product poses a chemical danger because it comprises forty,60 % by weight of chloroform, above the permitted degree.

The products are equipped in a clear plastic bag. Description: Kids's set consisting of two parts,a shirt and a pair of leggings, supposed for young children as much as 7 years of age, with sizes from ninety two to 122. Description: Set of two baby rattles made of exhausting plastic in several colours. Shows completely different shapes of laser light (dot, mouse, star, butterfly) when white plastic wheel is turned.

The product consists of two items and they're packaged in cardboard box. The product poses a risk of strangulation and injuries due to the presence of useful cords with knotted ends within the neck area and at the back of the bikini. Description: Youngsters clothes set in dark blue colour, meant for kids as much as eight years previous consisting of a sweatshirt and a trouser.

Description: Kids clothes set intended for children up to 10 years previous. The product poses a danger of injuries as a result of the textile on the bumper bar can easily be removed and a toddler can get access to a plastic materials and foam. Product is packed in pink cardboard packaging with two clear windows in entrance, one showing the doll, and different magnificence items.