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When planning Brief Term Missions, most churches' hopes are for teens and young individuals to get fired up about living their life for God. Following all, that is when individuals lay a foundation for the rest of their lives.

But what about those who currently have a foundation and have wisdom and experience to go with it? Seniors are a large part of the American population, and not however ready for a rocking chair. They want to see new places, discover new issues and maybe teach a few things to younger people. And why not? Modern transportation and information systems make it increasingly possible.

Here are 4 opportunities Brief Term Missions can offer seniors:

1. To see new things. Now I'm not talking about the touristy types of new issues right here. Seniors can be tourists on a cruise, if they select. But obtaining off the beaten path and hanging with local churches is not a touristy factor. Assisting a class in Eastern Europe or China with English will definitely get you out of your comfort zone. The query is, are seniors as well old to learn new things like Teaching English As A Second Language? Maybe they can lead younger team members by example in gracefully accepting new experiences. The truth is anyone prepared to danger his or her comfort zone is "young" enough to learn what God is really performing in the world, up close and personal.

2. To make new friends. It might be true that young people search for novel experiences, while most seniors are much more interested in relationships. Working alongside long term missionaries or local churches can be a golden opportunity to widen a senior's circle of friends. Definitely creating friends with nearby people, regardless of religion, enhances high quality of life. E-mail and snail mail (you know, via the Post Office) can keep seniors in touch with new friends even after they have returned to the United States. In contrast to young people, numerous seniors really attempt to keep in touch with their buddies. They may even want to go back and see them again, if the scenario permits.

3. To make a difference. In God's economy, anyone can make a distinction. That is the truly great lesson of missions. God has used so many imperfect people over the centuries. American seniors long to know they still make a distinction. In 2003, 18.6 % of men more than age 65 nonetheless worked and most stated they worked simply because they liked their job and wanted to stay on. It gave them a sense of purpose. And the church needs what seniors have to give. They've lived a whilst and hopefully discovered from life lessons they can pass on to team members or to the people they are serving. If nothing else, they might know how to slow down and truly listen to others when they speak.

4. Individual renewal. What this adds up to is individual renewal. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4:16, "Consequently we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." So are seniors sliding for house, or are they ready to be renewed? Does God nonetheless have a job for them to do? The answers to these questions make all the difference in the world, to seniors and to God's kingdom.

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