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I have used virtually every type of GPS, range finders and all sorts of different brands, models there are on the market. Well in my opinion, using most of them I found that Garmin makes the most solid product available. Garmin's has models starting from best golf gps watch. They have also released two watch models that are basically GPS in wrist watches, named Garmin S1 & Garmin S3. They may be very reasonably priced, accurate and extremely effective also. I have come across many individuals adopt the Garmin S1 watch as their GPSs. It basically sits about the watch when you hit the ball, you need to simply look at the watch and green view of it's going to demonstrate automatic assumption from the ball's track. Being a wrist watch it is extremely convenient plus it won't hold up while playing with your golf buddies.

The Garmin Approach G3 is a very solid product. It's probably one of the primary Golf GPSs that's been released by Garmin on the market which basically doesn't have faults. Now Garmin has released the G5 and G6 with increased features and good results in the cheaper price range. Personally I will tell you that Garmin Approach G3 is definitely a good product, does a solid job by letting you know the distances which is by Two to four yards accuracy. It would dramatically lower your score if you get utilized to it and possesses all of the main features that you'll require on the golf course. The Garmin G5 and G6, yes they're a bit nicer in functionality and layouts but the Garmin Approach G3 is a product that works constantly with basically no faults. But for the price range, the Garmin G3 is out now which is a total bargain. Therefore I had been you, I'd definitely come to an end and purchase the Garmin G3 immediately.

Additionally it is very reasonably priced and extremely light, therefore it won't modify the swing in any way. So out of all the Golf GPSs available, I might definitely recommend you to definitely choose the Garmin Approach S1 or even the newer Garmin S3 model with a touchscreen display. If you do not such as the watch model, I can recommend one to choose the Garmin G5 or even the brand-new Garmin G6. Garmin G3 is outdated and when you add a bit more money, you can definitely have the latest Garmin Approach G6 with modern technology; it's an absolute attractiveness of GPS for golf, unless you such as the watch models.