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If you are a avid golfer at all like me, you have almost certainly been aware of the new Caddytek cart. The Approach S1 GPS Golf watch by Garmin is collecting rave reviews from golfers worldwide. There are several excellent features to the watch, and i'll tell you my top 4 reason the brand new Garmin Golf Watch rocks.

My 4 Favorite Features:

1. Reliability - Anyone that is familiar with GPS units recognizes that Garmin is really a household name. This watch is very reliable, and provides you exact yardages for the front, middle, and back of the greens. And you will relax knowing these distances are exact. You can forget wondering how long it is possible to hit a specific club. This feature has helped me shave several strokes off my game, and i also have only been using it come early july! Not only that, but it is the reason doglegs too!

2. Versatility - The brand new Garmin golf watch has additional features making it use able in other elements of life as well. Additionally, it functions as an each day odometer too. So that you can track the mileage you hump it on the course, and somewhere else you need to track the length you might be walking, running, or biking. Yes, you heard that right. This watch has an attachment (sold separately) you could easily mount in your bicycle and keep mileage there too. This watch is really a sportsman's dream.

3. Looks - This watch is extremely slick, and stylish looking. Certainly not are you currently sacrificing style whenever you strap on one of such watches. You will discover yourself wearing this watch every day.

4. User-friendly - Whenever you open your new Garmin golf watch you are prepared to roll. There is no need to worry about pre loading courses. It comes loaded with over 16,000 courses in america and Canada, which means you do not have to concern yourself with the local course not included. In addition, it doesn't require any monthly fees or bills for anything. It literally comes all set out of the box. And forget the days of experiencing to worry about dropping or losing you clunky hand held GPS unit, if you don't plan on losing your arm in the wrist down somehow! Look out for those crocodiles!

They are my top 4 reasons why I love the new Garmin Approach S1 golf watch. I will be happy with this particular watch, and look toward the future of gps for golf. You never know what lies just about to happen, for now here is the latest as well as GPS tool for golf for me.