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If you are an avid golfer at all like me, you've almost certainly heard of the brand new best golf range finders. The Approach S1 GPS Golf watch by Garmin is collecting rave reviews from golfers worldwide. There are a few fantastic features for this watch, and i'll let you know my top 4 reason why the brand new Garmin Golf Watch rocks.

My 4 Favorite Features:

1. Reliability - Anyone that is aware of GPS units sees that Garmin is a household name. This watch is incredibly reliable, and gives you exact yardages for the front, middle, and back from the greens. And you can relax knowing these distances are exact. No more wondering how long you can hit a particular club. This selection helps me shave several strokes off my game, and I just have been using it this summer! Not only this, however it is the reason doglegs too!

2. Versatility - The new Garmin golf watch has additional features which make it use able in other facets of life also. In addition, it functions as an every day odometer too. To help you track the mileage you hump it on the course, and elsewhere you need to keep tabs on the distance you're walking, running, or biking. Yes, you heard that right. This watch has an attachment (sold separately) that you can easily mount in your bicycle and mileage in the room. This watch is a sportsman's dream.

3. Looks - This watch is quite slick, and stylish looking. By no means have you been sacrificing style whenever you strap using one of those watches. You'll find yourself wearing this watch on a regular basis.

4. User Friendly - When you open your brand-new Garmin golf watch you are ready to roll. There is no need to worry about pre loading courses. It comes full of over 16,000 courses in america and Canada, which means you do not have to worry about your neighborhood course not included. In addition, it doesn't need any monthly fees or bills for anything. It literally comes ready to go as they are. And lose focus on the days of having to worry about dropping or losing you clunky hand-held GPS unit, if you don't plan on losing your arm in the wrist down somehow! Look out for those crocodiles!

These are my top 4 reason why I enjoy the newest Garmin Approach S1 golf watch. I'm happy with this watch, and look to not able to golf GPS. You never know what lies just about to happen, until then this is the latest and greatest GPS tool for golf in my opinion.