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Gender, which provides the following parts, will be a creative way to celebrate with family and friends when your child's gender is reported. Hosting someone is so much fun and a special opportunity to share them with your loved ones. From a gender perspective, here are all kinds of ideas to explore some of the best ideas for using toner.
Discard the colored powder
Powder paint is one of our favorite creative party ideas because everyone is involved! Depending on your needs, you can ask your guests to use white, whether it is pink or blue powder: you can make sure they are covered with blue or pink powder You can warn!
When you cast a color, it becomes colored. When inviting guests, tell them:
Visit us (and oven baked rolls) for a sexual ink toner party!
Wearing casual white clothes 100% cotton is recommended for easy washing. Wrapped in pink or blue.
Return to a colored house or bring a towel to wear extra clothes.
Party preparation with color toss accessories
You can order toner cartridges according to group size (one package per guest). (You need about half the powder cup per person.) For more than 25 people, you can order sex to publish a package containing 10 pounds of colored powder.
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To remove dust, you can transfer the parcel directly to the guest, but note that the parcel is transparent and visible. A small Dixie mug (bathroom size) is also available. A clever person can decorate a mug with fun pink and blue patterned washi tape. When done, carefully remove the powder with an extra cup and slowly pour into the decorated cup. You can also use a spoon to add to the cup. If you want to hide the colors, you can drag each cup by pulling and sealing the pink, blue, or white ribbon.
Last word-if you want to surprise your guests, order a powder from a trusted friend and get them ready for the party.
When you're ready to reveal your gender, count 3 and have the guests remove the tape and throw the cup empty! There are pink or blue clouds with traces of pink or blue dust respectively. And remember, colored powder is incredibly fun to stay out of. It's nice and easy to clean garden activities like chalk. Plan your event on a hot sunny day. Organizing this celebration at home is not recommended.
Best of all, make sure you have a photographer at hand to capture every moment of this unique sex notification!
Genre reveals photos
We are waiting for many couples who have chosen to show their gender pictures of cute babies in a unique way. Create a photo that indicates whether your baby is a boy, a girl, or both (twins!) And post it on social media. Hire a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures forever to commemorate your pregnancy.
Save the world with eco-friendly WiFi for events
Create images in the same way as powder paint! You may want to have just two people, but if you have older children, it's a fun and annoying activity to love them, so it's a good idea to include them!
Everyone will join your white photo suit. Order in the right color and start the game! Keep fighting all powder paint! When photographers take pictures, everyone laughs and laughs wearing pink and blue. When everything is covered, you can pose for the last hit! At this point, everyone should be fairly well covered in pink or blue, and your snapshot will clearly indicate whether your sandwich is male or female!
boy? girl? Look at the pop!
The gender reveals it in a very simple way, is easy to clean and does not require any special manual skills. Find the ball in the genre found by the picture coming with pink and / or blue confetti. If necessary, you can place colored powder on the balloon. One or two individual packs containing colored powder are sufficient. When the balloon is filled with helium, be careful not to make the balloon too heavy.
After adding the confetti or toner powder, go to a local store to add helium (most stores cost $ 5-7 to replenish this size balloon). These huge ball games have to be completely filled to support the weight of the confetti and stay floating. Test at the balloon shop before departure. If deep when full, shake to distribute confetti and powder evenly. The next step is to gather family and friends and watch POP!
Let the pink or blue confetti fall on you!
Confetti sticks are a fun alternative to finding dust! They are very fun and very easy to use. Each confetti cane has a lot of pink or blue confetti, but there are white corianders at both ends, so you can't guess gender until you clean the confetti cane and let go of the car. Gather around the guests and give everyone confetti. Hold the confetti wand in front of you, as if you are moving a magic wand, and make a strong movement! So taking a shower with pink or blue coriander will give you the real magic.
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Genus reveal decoration and snack
Pinterest is a sex snack with lots of pink and blue stories. Pink and blue rice, minerals soaked in pink or blue ice cream, pink and blue cupcakes, crispy sweets with pink and blue sugar cookies-you have a general idea!
Cocktails and cocktails are also fun! Of course, you want to stick to the pink and blue theme. It offers juicy Siemring sparkling wine and champagne and can be decorated with strawberries and blueberries. Cocktails include Blue Jonesberry lemonade and good old pink lemonade. Serve in an elegant glass that will enhance the festive atmosphere!

Themes: There are many fun themes that you can choose from soccer, pom poms, touches and pacifiers, princes and princesses, hiding places and eyelashes. blue! It's easy to decorate and definitely attracts the attention of the day!