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Sudden burst of fire can trigger property damages and if not detected and controlled initially it can destroy the whole property and can also be harmful for humans living in the premises of the property whether it is industrial or residential. In order to ensure the safety of the resident as nicely as property it is necessary to set up Fire detection and fire alarm systems in buildings whether it is a industrial or residential building. Fortunately, Due to the technological advancement in recent decades we have now a variety of fire detection and alarm systems catering to the require of clients. There are 3 types of fire detection and alarm systems, these are

• Clever Addressable System (CAS) • Traditional System • Hybrid System

Clever Addressable System (CAS)

This is the most advanced fire detection and alarm system. Clever addressable system ensures speedy detection of fire identifies the precise location of the fire and also require simpler maintenance. The detectors, sounders, call points and the interface modules are connected on the exact same pair of wires.

Benefits of Clever Addressable System

• The main advantage of Clever Addressable system is that all the detectors have an individual address on the control panel, so in case of detection alarm, the exact place of the fire can be detected from the control panel using the person number of the detector. • Clever Addressable system utilizes only single pair wire for wiring up to 200 devices, so wiring of the Clever Addressable system can be price effective and easy to maintain. • Brief circuit isolators in the wiring ensure continuous operation even in case of brief circuit in the loop wiring. • Sensitivity of various detectors can be optimized in loop wiring. • Sprinkler switches, fire dampers, existing fire alarm systems can be contacted from monitor modules.

Traditional System

As the name indicates this is most typical and widely used Fire system. In this system, fire alarm control panel receives signals from detectors and call points and in turn, signals the situation to alarm sounders and remote signaling equipments. Traditional system consists of smoke, beam or heat detectors in designated zones.

Advantages of Traditional system

• If you do not have to cover large premises then Traditional Fire detection is the best to choose. • This comes cheaper than addressable fire detection and alarm system. • This one can be advantageous for residential apartments and for small businesses. • Conventional fire detection and alarm system comprise of control panel, smoke detectors, heat detectors, Beam detectors, break glass units and hooters.

Hybrid system

Hybrid fire detection and alarm system combines the capabilities of addressable and traditional system both. This structure comprise primary control panel with addressable and conventional devices.

Benefits of Hybrid system

• Hybrid system helps to gradually upgrade the fire alarm from conventional to addressable. • The control panel of the system has cards which can take both traditional and addressable devices. • The procedure of upgrading from hybrid to addressable is price efficient.

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