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Kollywood is buzzing with activity and who wants to miss all of the new? Not me otherwise you? So, let's check out all that is available on Indian Times the most popular new online entertainment channel. You just cannot miss a streak of stories, if you're actively pursuing the site committed to Kollywood.

Entertainment Updates and News Get every one of the latest entertainment news and this includes new movie trailers to be sold first on the site. Aside from that, follow the old matches and videos of IPL matches. Reach hear, what the sport stars are discussing on the field and try to gain insight on the happenings. An advanced fan from the ace cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni keep tab on the website. The advertisement featuring him and his wife has garnered many responses. Get frequent entertainment updates and more… Read all of the new in regards to the entertainment updates as well as their secret lives... well not too secret anymore. Bigg Boss fame star, Shakthi’s recent arrest news was making headlines. He was charged for causing an accident, under the influence of alcohol. You may also find out about the new funny reality show, which can be going to be hosted by the one and only Shruti Haasan. The show, which is going to be aired on Sun TV, has already been attracting cool glances. Be one of the guests to check out first, as it pertains on air. Bigg Boss Obtain the latest Bigg Boss Vote Updates and cheer for your favorite star on Bigg boss Tamil season 2. Give missed calls on assigned numbers to save your favorite stars. Or you can also vote online, it's your choice. New Updates Get every one of the latest news updates from Kollywood. You're able to understand about the happenings down south, peek to the gym from the hottest stars watching photo shoots. Get ready to look into the updates on all your favorite star’s upcoming movies and teasers. It cannot get better than this. This is the ultimate place, where one can get all the news. Keep watching this space for more.