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The first fashion week was held in New york city in 1943, with the key purpose to distract from the French fashion during Ww ii. Employees in the fashion industry during this time period were unable to travel so many designers in the United States made the decision to host their own show in the Circumstance. S. Fashion week was then born, Eleanor Lambert organized the first fashion week and it was call "Press Week". Press Week can thank Style magazine in making the week a great success. During this week Vogue commenced to feature more American more than the normal French work that they usually showed. As Fashion did this they cause a great fashion trend all over the Unified State, people realized that they may find great clothing in the United Says earlier than if they had to wait for the fashions to come to the United Claims.

Until 1994 different artist shows were held at different locations, but a set accident at a Michael Kors show made the fashion week advice change the location of style week and it was moved to Bryan Park. Fashion week continued to be at Bryant Park until 2010 because it was then migrated to Lincoln Center.

Eleanor Lambert was not the first to hold a way show in America, in 1903 in Fresh York City a shop call Ehrich Brothers was thought to have put on the country's initial fashion show to get middle class women to look at their store. Simply by 1910 many department stores were following this craze to attract more customers. Stores got the ideas for fashion shows primarily based on fashion parades in Paris. These shows were a great way to promote stores also to get designers names into the marketplace for them to become who they are today.

By the twenties fashion parades and shows were happening all over the country by merchants, large department stores and small unique shops were jumping at the chance to hold a show. Many shows were placed in the stores restaurant during brunch or tea time, when women were most likely to be at the stores using a snack after a long morning of shopping. The concept of the shows were singular and were very dramatic and theatrical than those of the shows done today. Every single show was given a narrative commentary that informed the audience what they were looking at, what material is was made out of and so they attempted to sell the appears the best they could to the women of the center and uppr classes. As the fashion parades became very popular they started to bring in increasingly more crowds of people, starting in the 1955s anywhere that was inside must obtain a support to have live models for the show because of all the people that would come to the shows.

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