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Which means you are stressing over what gift to obtain the little lady. This is a highly volatile situation you ought to heed with extreme caution. Girls read into this stuff while you were encoding the present with cryptic messages to her. You buy her a high from the line Kitchen Aid mixer causing all of a rapid she thinks you need her barefoot and pregnant with the cooking serving you hors d'oeuvres while you swill down the Pabst watching the game. Or you get her a Kama Sutra set with all the flavored powders and feathers, after which she's distraught asking if your relationship is just based on sex.

Your good intentions just turned the other way up and back to front because the situation spirals out of control. This nasty spillage could run well into the next month and you will probably find yourself clearing up an Exxon-Valdez level disaster. The secret is to get the sure thing so that you can have your sure thing! In addition to the fact that 99.9% of women like Dave Matthews, there might be little else in common. To make sure you remain precise and slightly original you have to attempt to satisfy your girl into one of these pre-fab stereotypes. Finish this sentence: My girl is...

1. ...Rock and Roll cool. (She could be inside a My Chemical Romance video easy) If she digs loud music you need to first take notes to be with her CD collection. Get thee to to check out concert tickets. Another option would be to attend to obtain rare good-as-new CD's for any fraction with the price.

2. ..Uptown completely. (style icons may include Jessica Alba and Carolyn Bissette) Why don't you go all-out Hamptons having a Brighton wallet or bracelet. A great duster style coat from London Fog is yet another option if Prada and Chanel are out of your budget range.

3. ... Preppy and Nice. Gets the headband with polka dots. Loves Abercrombie. Any big slice of silver jewelry together with her monogram about it would be ideal. If jewelry isn't her game then go along with her name or initials on it. Take a look at Lillian Vernon.

4. ... No Fuss. A chill girl who's usually in sweats along with a T with little make-up. In case your chick is low maintenance then get her something she's going to use. Spoil her with a Juicy Couture tracksuit or newer and more effective Nike kicks with those shocks.

5. ... a glamazon fashionista. Hot to trot and flaunting what God gave her (Can anyone say Paris??) This is a fun someone to shop for. Dig through her undies and bras to discover her sizes and get to a Victoria's Secret pronto. Get her an identical outfit, a corset, thong and stockings. Finish it with a bottle of these Sexy perfume! They're gifts the two of you can enjoy!

6. ... NONE OF THE ABOVE... The individualist with eclectic taste. For that rare bird the clever move is always to go ethnic. Don't go overboard and obtain her an African Surma lip plate or shrunken head from E-bay. Choose some Bangladesh bangles, an Egyptian cartouche necklace together with her name in hieroglyphics, a Chinese wood-block print on her wall, or some Indian filigree silver earrings. If she is wild one try getting her a peace pipe from

Whatever her fetish might be it comes with an accompanying remote control panties. As trying as it may be to get that perfect gift whenever you find the correct one her glee will make rid of it well worth the sweat. So say a bit prayer and head out there and hunt. Godspeed and all the best.