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The times have changed, and the tide between the members of the opposite sex is a good relationship. These relationships are commonly called Plato relationships. In this regard, you can let your friends do more than sex. A platonic relationship can only survive if both parties are honest with themselves and no one has a relationship other than friendship. However, it is common for people in a platonic relationship to begin a romantic relationship. In fact, a successful relationship is said to start with the first friend. This is because when you meet a person, you fall in love with the character. If you have been together for a long time, you may find it attractive. If you have a platonic and romantic relationship, you should.
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You should go to your boyfriend and girlfriend and tell them that you have a platonic relationship. Even if others are your best friends, you need to convince them that you have no romantic feelings for them. You have a feeling of compassion and friendship. Don't forget to introduce them to each other. This avoids many misunderstandings between the two. This also tells the partner that you are honest and have no problem what you do with a platonic partner.

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Whenever you are with you, make sure that someone with a platonic relationship respects your partner and gives them the proper respect. If he does something that is usually unacceptable, you must emphasize that it is unacceptable. You should not always be with platonic friends. Even if it's always right. When discussing something, you may want to be on the other side. When you party with a platonic friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend may misinterpret that you are in love with him. If you keep supporting platonic friends, it can be difficult to convince them of something else.
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Treat platonic relationships like friendship. You will not be mocking with a platonic friend for any reason. This is because when you are flirting, you may not know when to stop. Hugging and kissing a friend is good, but take a closer look at how to treat a platonic friend. Don't hug yourself until you love them and want to be a boy or girl. He should behave correctly when his friends are nearby. If you're je, your boyfriend or girlfriend may make you think about doing something for them. Pay respect to your partner. They can also handle them according to the choice of partner, so they will not confuse your department.