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It was It was coming up to nine in the morning when it occurred. Your seventeen year old son, striving to acquire the use of the car to attend a rock concert at Red Butte Garden that evening, was atop an a creaky wooden step ladder hurriedly cleaning out the gutters. Rather than get down off the ladder and move it a couple of feet he leaned out farther than he ought to. And that was that.

He brought down a six foot section of gutter, smashed a perfectly good hydrangea, knocked the ladder into the kitchen window, and damn near broke his fool neck. Fortunately, he was okay - which is more than you can say for your hydrangea. Your brother is planning to come down next weekend to fix the gutter. That simply leaves the damaged kitchen window.

It's a wonder that the ladder failed to send broken glass into the sink and across the kitchen floor. You told your son to put on gloves and cautiously put some duct tape along the breaks in the glass. Now you have a nasty nineteen inch shard of glass becoming held flush in between two larger pieces of glass by a mass of gray duct tape. When, mostly in jest, you suggested that maybe the glass repair bill should come out of his allowance he provided to replace it himself. Not a great idea.

Broken glass is surprisingly harmful

It is far as well simple to underestimate exactly how sharp and hazardous broken glass can truly be. A recently broken pane of window glass can have some edges that are razor sharp. Glass is generally heavier than many individuals assume and freeing large portions from a frame, especially if it's at an awkward angle can really be fairly perilous.

Tricky to clean up and dispose of safely

When you have lastly managed to eliminate all that glass you then require to dispose of it which is not usually that simple. A cardboard box is usually ideal but we do not usually have an appropriate box available, do we? You may invest a little while wrapping glass in newspaper or taping over the edges but even nonetheless it can't safely be put in a garbage bag.

A full piece of glass can be awkward and heavy

A full pane of window glass, based on how large and how thick it is can be surprisingly heavy. The edges, even on brand new pane, can nonetheless be dangerous at times and it's not usually easy to work a pane into a current window frame. That a trained glazier makes home glass repair look easy says a lot much more about his experience as an installer than the simplicity of correct glass handling methods.

Inadequate installation is costly over time

The other important reason to have a professional repair your home windows is that a poorly installed pane of glass can mean a real chink in the insulation of your home. A broken window should always be professionally assessed and repaired. The money you are hoping to save on a do-it-your self window repair job can easily fly out the exact same window every year in terms of heating and cooling expenses.

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