How To Transformprolonging your wireless access array Your Old Router Into An Accessibility Point

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Whether you're considering prolonging your wireless gain access to variety you will need to make sure you have an enough time cord that will certainly get to where you want the old router to be situated to the existing area of the major router. This is due to the fact that the two routers are going to difficult wired together to make sure that the old router acts like an accessibility point rather then a router, visit here.

Once you have actually figured out where you want to place the old router, you will certainly have to link to it through cordless or wired connection to transform the settings to allow it be made use of as a gain access to point. When you are connected to the router you will certainly need to log onto the router, the IP address for routers aren't always the same. This is one way you can discover your router IP, go to the home windows begin button click it after that click run, then the message box turns up key in it "cmd" then click run or press go into, then the command timely opens kind "ipcongfig/ all" this will reveal you a listing of links made on your computer system.

Try to find the cordless or wired attach name in the listing that is produced and try to find the IP address next to "Default entrance" this is the routers IP address. Now enter the IP address right into your internet internet browser and you should see the login page for your router, if you haven't selected a password for your router after that the major username is "admin" as well as the major usual passwords are "admin" or "password" this must log you in otherwise you will have to find the password for that kind of router.

As soon as logged right into discover the part of the router that has the alternative to disable (un tick) enable DHCP Web server, this will inform the router NOT to give the computer systems connected to it IP address as well as rather will pass the computer systems connection to the following device which will certainly be the main router that connects to the web which router will certainly give the computer system an IP address.

Be careful, if you wish to set up any type of various other settings on the router like wireless gain access to vital passwords or router passwords, best to do it now due to the fact that some times the old router will certainly be giving a IP variety that you can't attach to or see quickly as well as if you wish to transform the cordless password without understanding the IP of the router as soon as its connected to the major router you will need to reset the router to default by pushing the reset switch situated on the old router and also start the procedure from scratch, click here.

Once the setups have actually transformed and also saved reboot the router and also link the old router to the major router that connects to the net, all you have to do is use one of the readily available Ethernet socket on the major router and area it right into one of the sockets on the old router, I utilize outlet 1 on both tools so I don't blend the connections when included brand-new computers to the network.

Currently the old router must be acting as a gain access to factor rather then a router, this indicates you can now link as much as six computer systems to the wired network and/or have expanded your wireless location of your network. This setup ought to help most routers as long as you can disable the DHCP web server from the router you are going to be making use of as the access point.