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Sandstone is a kind of natural stone that people have been utilizing for numerous years to produce flooring and decorative goods in architecture. Sandstone can be found in a quantity of various colours such as brown, grey, red and pink.

Sandstone tiles are available in different types of textures and finishes, which include brushed, tumbled, hond and natural finish.

Many individuals favor using natural finish sandstone tiles around their swimming pools, verandas, balconies and general outside locations because of the non-slip surface. Sandstone tiles need to be sealed at least each two to 3 years because they are quite porous. If they are not sealed on a normal basis, they will absorb dirt and it will not be feasible to clean them as soon as they have gotten dirty. It is not recommend that you use sandstone in the kitchen at all.

When you are looking to purchase natural finish sandstone tiles to go around the swimming pool area, you need to make certain that you select high quality tiles. The entire surface of the tiles should feel rough like sandpaper, not soft and chalky and you will need to check the side of the tiles as nicely. The edges should not appear like they are made from layers of sand. Sandstone tiles that do not have strong edges will cause you issues at the later stage.

Once you have purchased your tiles, you require to make sure that you preserve them properly, on a regularly basis in order to get the most out of them. You require to permit for at least 5mm grout joint between the tiles to allow for ground movement. You should not butt joint the tiles because they are not all one hundred% accurate in size, which means that you will not get a straight joint between the tiles.

You should wash the sandstone tiles a couple of occasions after grouting and allow them to dry for a couple of days. You also need to choose the right sealer for sandstone. The sealer that you use for granite tiles is not suitable for sandstone. You will require a much stronger sealer for sandstone. You can use a deep sealer, which you can discover in most hardware shops. You require to seal the tiles with 2 to three coats to make sure that they do not get dirty and you will need to repeat this process each few years, depending on the quality of your tiles. If you have got good quality sandstone, you can do this every 3 years and every year if the tiles are of a poor quality. Sandstone tiles bring beauty and peace to your home so it is worth spending a small bit of additional money to buy them.

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