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There are many options available nowadays. You need to choose accordingly to your dog's size, eating and drinking habits, your own personal style and taste, not to mention safety issues. Plastic Dog bowls Plastic bowls could be inexpensive, however some dogs become allergic to plastic and develop skin irritations, or lose the pigmentation of these noses. Plastic being porous can trap dirt, odors and germs, which even your dishwasher won't be able to eliminate. Plastic also can leach plasticizers (most often phthalates) and colorants, in your dog's food, which can be very damaging to its health. Plastic bowls being lightweight will tip and spill over easily and is chewed on by aggressive or too playful dogs. Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic dog bowls can be a sensible choice if chosen wisely. They normally are heavy enough to become spill-proof, however, many decorative glazes can contain lead as well as other toxics (mainly present in foreign products). Therefore it is crucial that you make sure that the bowls were designed for food usage and have a lead-free glaze finish. Check the elevated dog bowls regularly for cracks (especially fine ones which is often challenging to detect), chips and scratches, since they let the development of bacteria. If such a bowl breaks change it, and never try to super glue it! It is not save for you personally dog! Stainless-steel Dog Bowls Those are the most healthy selection for your pet. Stainless has been the material preferred by food processing, dairy and brewery industries. It really is durable, sanitary, rust-free, and non-leaching. Such bowls will last a very long time. For Older Dogs Or Taller Dogs Getting an increased dog feeder for any taller or older dog (or both) may be beneficial as it will help them you can eat and drink more comfortably from your dog feeder that is with a more natural body level. Many are outfitted with a single bowl or double bowls to allow for your space or your dog's drinking and eating routine. If bending causes you discomfort, automobile bend down the maximum amount of to grab or deposit heavy, full dog dishes: the stainless steel bowls are light enough to remove for straightforward cleaning and filling. Maintain your Dog Bowls Or Feeders Clean Whichever type of dog bowls you choose, continue to keep them clean. Hand-wash them in warm, soapy water (and rinse them well), or put them in the dishwasher regularly. If you have a heightened feeder, wipe its top often to help keep it clean and dry. Catherine Simms can be a French born Artist residing in Stamford Connecticut.