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Hello MuOrigin »How yo earn resources«and As you know, MU Origin can be played in two ways:​

The "pay to win" way - consist of you having a fat credit card balance.​​ The "free to play"/"one purchase only" way - we will be talking about it, so read on.

​​Paying and winning is easy (if you have enough resources to do so), but in this case we will be covering the basics of *How can i grow in the game, while f2p/Vip1-2*.

First and foremost, if you are new to the MUniverse and you want to be F2P, your main friend will be saving up Resources/Items.

Learning the Resources (click *Inventory > Resource*): ​Zen(Gold) - This will help you buy things from other players (Items, Jewels, Essences etc.) Bound Zen - This zen is much like your normal Zen, but it only works for certain things like NPC Shops, Rebirth, Item Refinement etc.

Diamonds - This is MU Origin's Freemium currency, which can be used for all things involved in evolving your character (you only get Diamonds by paying).

Bound Diamonds - This is the F2P version of the Diamonds. You can acquire them doing your Daily Quests/Tasks/Dungeons/. This currency will help you grow significantly. Gems - Obtained by Disassembling Items that are not for your class, Daily Quests/Tasks/Dungeons.

This currency is needed for leveling up your skills, buying valuable items in Gem Exchange, Rebirth etc.

Achievement - These points are obtained by participating in the daily Illusion Temple and Chaos Castle events. They are used to Upgrade your Title, which boosts stats significantly.

Fame - These points are obtained by playing in the Arena (10 chances per day) and are used to Upgrade your Division, which boosts stats significantly.

Star Essence - You acquire these points doing Dailies/Quests/Dungeons etc. and are used to Unlock Zodiac signs (more Zodiacs will be unlocked when you reach higher Rebirth lvl) which boost stats significantly if you manage to unlock a Zodiac sign fully.

The above listed things are easy to save up, but you need in-game goals. Many people make the mistake spending some of these valuable resources for things that they may not need and thus ruining their early game. The things to NOT use some of these resources for are:

  • Bound Diamonds - DO NOT use them on Epic Chest Tickets, because you may not get the Item you so desperately need - instead use them to buy Condor's Flame (used to evolve your Wing tier, which boosts stats really significantly), Seal of Ascension (gives X3 experience when farming normal map monsters and works best when used in the Colosseum event).
  • Gems - DO NOT use them in Gem Exchange to buy Potions and the Class-dependent Set (you get a Full Option tier 3 Epic Set by logging in consecutively for 6-7 days), instead use them to LVL up your Skills, buy the Talisman (boosts stats) and if needed you can exchange them for various Jewels [Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Seed Jewel] (used to Refine your equipment to +15, enhancing the Options and the Seed Options), but first - exchange them to buy the Talisman Tier 1 and save up for the next tiers , while still investing some in LVL-ing up your skills.

Learning about the Items/Sets:

As all of you know Items make your character stronger, thus helping in climbing Arena, getting some World Boss kills and being able to sustain in intense GvG fights. There are 5 parts for a Set to be complete - Helm, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots.

There are also slots for 2 rings, a Necklace and 2 weapon slots. Items/Sets are heavily Class-dependent. When you start clearing the Story Dungeons you will notice that each Dungeon drops a specific Tier of equipment. 

Each Tier of equipment is divided in Rarity - Normal (drops from regular monsters), Magic (drops from Normal stage/Map elites/World Boss/Devil Square), Rare (drops from Elite stage/Map elites/World Boss/Devil Square), Epic (drops from Hell stage/World Boss/Devil Square).

While p2w players tend to get more Epic items, there is a way for f2p players to get the item they actually need - saving up the items for your class that you get from clearing the Daily Story Dungeons (lets be honest, everything bellow Epic grade isn't going to cut it) so what you want to do is clear the Story Dungeons in the time needed so you can later "Sweep" (fast clear) them - 2 min 59 secs.

So lets say you have been playing for a week and your Warehouse is full of Epic items for your class, which you got from the Auction, Story Dungeons or via Trade, but you don't know what to do with them, you have multiple of the same tier (for example) Boots and Helm - DO NOT disassemble them ! Instead what you want to do is: Click on your Character icon > Refine > Combine. You will need 3 of the same items for this to work and some Gems.

Example: You have 3x Epic Scale Boots (Tier 2), you put them in the Combine and voilla ! What you get are Epic Brass Boots (Tier 3) and you can do that as many times as you need to reach the designated Tier of your choice, it just takes saving up the items, not Disassembling them (Disassemble the Items that are not for your class, all of them, EXCLUDING Unbound items, which you can sell to other players for valuable resources like Jewels, Diamonds etc.)

There are also 2 types of items - Bound and Unbound.

  • Bound items are only for you - can't sell them, can't trade them. You can only Equip, Combine, Enhance or Disassemble them. (lock icon on the item)

​*Unbound items - you can trade them, put them in Auction for valuable Jewels, Diamonds etc. and Trade them. (no lock icon on the item) *HINT* Enhancing Unbound Items with BOUND Jewels makes them BOUND, so DO NOT Enhance the Unbound items that you intend on Selling.

Learning about Enhancing items:

Let's say that you have a Tier 3 Sword, Staff or whatever the item may be and you want to invest Jewels in it - JUST DO IT! Blesses are used to make the item go to +6, Souls and Blesses + (optional) Jewel of Guardian are used to make it +15, Lifes are used to Enhance the Option of the item and Seed Jewels are used to Enhance the Seed of the item.

When time passes and you obtain a higher Tier sword or 2 more of the same Tier so you can Combine them into the next Tier - DO NOT Combine nor Disassemble that item you previously invested Jewels in it, instead: Click Character icon > Refine > Transfer. Using Transfer allows you to transfer the Option, Seed and Enhancement from the lower Tier item to the higher Tier item without further investments, leaving the item you previously invested in back to it's original state, allowing you to Combine it freely.

  • HINT* You can Transfer the Enhancements only to the same type of item, example: Boots to Boots, Pants to Pants. You can't Transfer the Enhancements of your Boots to a pair of Pants.


Resources are valuable. Do not waste them without educating yourself first. Save up your classes' Epic items so when you have enough you can Combine them to the Tier above.

Have in-game goals so you can use your Resources more effectively. Always Transfer the Enhancements to the higher Tier items. Always have fun doing the things above.

I hope this will help out some of the upcoming new players. Cheers! Atte.Crippler: mame in game