How to Increase CP

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How to Increase CP

CP indicates Combat Power, which is influenced by items and numerous buffs.

The more CP you have, the more it is likely to inflict more damage or take less damage.

There are various ways to increase CP:

1) Equipment tiers

2) Equipment refinement

3) Equipment options

4) Equipment seed enhancement

5) Wings

6) Achievement

7) Fame

8) Journal (Monster Essences)

9) Character Level

10) Zodiac

11)Using cp buffs with zen(Temporary increases cp)


Refine your equipment as much as possible. CP increases significantly by Refine. Do not make the mistake of waiting daily to enhance and option enhance your item thrice (3x) just to get the daily reward of a handful gems and some items. It's not worth it.


Refining equipment requires Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos, and Jewel of Guardian (optional). As the refinement level increases, the needed materials also increases.

The materials needed to refine your equipment can be looted from normal monsters, elite monsters, world bosses, story dungeons, Devil Square, Blood Case.

NOTE: Refinement failures decreases the refinement level of the equipment upon reaching +7 going higher. The Jewel of Guardian prevents this from happening.

Upgrading your wing significantly increases CP. Upgrading wings requires Condor's Feather and Condor's Flame.

You can take advantage of the Endless Tower to get your daily supply of Condor's Feather and Condor's Flame depending on which floor you've cleared (higher floor = more rewards).


Once we do the mission of the wings, feathers regale us that we can use to evolution, then we will ask flame of condor we also serves to evolution and earn a lot more CP. In this case as it goes in a slightly advanced level asks 4/4 to increase, the left side will see what will increase and a view of the following wing when evolve.



Unlock high tier achievements Gives you powerful buff and increase the CP. Each level as seen in the picture has a limit of points to reach such limit it proceeds to point in PROMOTE once reached the limit of points.



Another way to increase the CP, the left can see that this a little information and there is the amount of fame you have, the right side note that says NEXT DIVISION and under the quantity we need, there are several levels and each level is an increase of CP very good.



Unlock Zodiac buffs by consuming your star essence. Once having enough points to build a zodiacal sign, we must also take into account that Zen Bound is needed, and also you can see a percentage of success. Succeeding at all points of the image gradually your CP will gradually increase.



Unlock Journal buff by collecting monster essences.